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#longhairdontcare – The Best Hair Pics on Instagram This Week

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As ever, newspaper columns have been filled with stories of celebrity tears and triumphs this week. That naughty little imp, Justin Bieber, just can’t seem to stay out of trouble! He was involved in a public brawl with a fan who claimed to be asking for an autograph. It just so happened that this fan was much bigger and badder than him; the Baby singer was captured on film getting a bit of a beatdown.

There was brighter news in the supermodel camp though, as Zayn Malik was caught leaving the apartment of erstwhile girlfriend Gigi Hadid. The pair have only just called it splitsville, but they’re already back together, if reports are to be believed. It’s another sweet episode in a pretty lovely romance, especially at a time when Hollywood is experiencing its most bitter celebrity divorce in decades.

Fortunately, the only drama in the ClipHair camp this week can be found in the scorching hot styles of our Instagram ladies – let’s check them out.

Lowdown Curls

This is a really interesting way to do curls, because it combines the best of both worlds; waves and long, straight lengths. So, if you like a bit of body and bounce, but you hate the high maintenance that comes with curls, this style could be made for you. It’s quite understated, but that makes it a lovely, demure choice for something like a summer wedding or a family lunch. Plus, the longer you wear your locks, the more dramatic those bottom curls will be. If there was ever a time to start experimenting with hair extensions, it’s right now!

A photo posted by Erin Clarke (@itsclarkee) on

Ponies R Us

For a style that is even more low maintenance, try this super long pony. It’s a look that Ariana Grande would love, because she’s the queen of the updo right now. It isn’t worn quite as high as her signature style, but it is dramatic in all the right ways. And, you can get it by brushing out your hair, securing your clip in ponytail and throwing the whole thing into a neat tie. Then, add some oversized sunnies and start your day with a smile, because low maintenance doesn’t have to mean low quality.

A photo posted by Lucas Doney (@lucasdoney) on

Go Big or Go Bangs

This has to be one of our favourite Instagram styles of all time, because that fringe is simply divine. It contrasts perfectly with the gentle curls, because the cut is blunt, heavy, and angular. Just about anybody can wear this style, but the rounder your face, the longer you need to wear your hair. If you’ve got a long face, you can probably get away with a shorter, curlier cut, because it will add softness and fill out your features. However, the opposite is true for girls with pinchable cheeks; they need a cut that tames those curves.

A photo posted by STYLE™ (@styleobsess) on

Summer Stunner

There are two awesome styles to choose from here, which proves just how diverse clip in hair extensions can be. You’ve got a simple, high pony on the one hand and a chunky plait on the other. Both are defined by their length, so stand out this summer with an updo that has serious swish. Whether you prefer the pony or the braid will largely depend on how much work you want to put into styling. While braids are beautiful, they can be a little fiddly, especially first thing in the morning. They are great for hiding the seams on clip in hair pieces, however, so if want lots of length, without lots of fuss, they are a great choice.

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