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#longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics on Instagram This Week

Have you heard the hottest celebrity news of the year? Well, let us fill you in. After making headlines for breaking up with long term love, Calvin Harris, serial dater Taylor Swift has already bagged herself another super famous beau. She left a record two weeks in between chucking her DJ boyfriend and locking lips with none other than Tom Hiddleston!

That’s right, Loki and Taylor Swift are a brand new couple. And, they’ve already got their very own nickname – Twiddleston. It’s all very cute and romantic now, but is it only a matter of time until T-Swizzle ditches the Night Manager hunk and uses him for song writing inspiration? Only time will tell.

If you want to bag your very own tall, handsome bae, it’s time to get creative. Let’s take a look at some of the finest hairstyles on Instagram this week for some major inspiration.

Russian Royalty

This style is quite unusual, because it combines a traditional updo with what looks like quite a contemporary fringe. It’s perfectly coiffured and crafted at the back, but cut into blunt bangs at the front. The effect is rather continental and just a little eastern European, which is bang on trend right now. You only have to look at all the lavish Tolstoy adaptations on our televisions to see that the ornate and elegant updo is making a comeback. This style relies on height and volume, so use it as an opportunity to really go to town, adding extra volume using hair extensions.

French Braids and Swirls

If the Anna Karenina vibe is not really your thing, you could try this delicate swirled braid combo. It’s another intricate updo, but it isn’t as lavish or as bold as the first. The addition of a subtle side braid is an easy way to add dimension and texture to an updo without using accessories. With a thin French braid, you can break up a style that is all about the back, by incorporating a little more action in the front. To get those lovely swirls and rolls, you’ll need to use pins to secure the lengths to your head, in careful sections.

A photo posted by Elina Neumann (@bare_minds) on

Fishtail Frenzy

It’s all about the braids on Instagram this week. Check out this flawless fishtail, with its rustic chunky finish. It may be quite a simple style, but as you can see, it suits girls with transitional highlights. You get to showcase that beautiful shift in colour, even though you’re wearing your hair up (technically). Brightly coloured highlights create an altogether different effect, but one that is just as appealing. So, don’t get stuck in a tired routine; there are plenty of ways to mix it up and you don’t always have to wear your hair down if you’re rocking hair extensions.

A photo posted by Jessica (@maskedrose) on

Part Time Milkmaid, Full Time Diva

To continue with the theme, we’ve picked out this very feminine milkmaid braid and crown, because we love how demure and sweet this look is. After all, there are times to go full on Nicki Minaj and there are other times when it’s nice to let your romantic, girly side out. Plus, this style is wonderfully easy to achieve. As long as you can put together a solid Dutch braid, you can get this one right. Once you have your plait down, wind it carefully around your crown and secure it in place, at various points, with grips or slides.

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