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#Longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics On Instagram This Week

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When it comes to celebrity gossip, it seems that nobody does it like Taylor Swift. Last week, we learned that the Bad Blood singer was dating none other than movie star, Tom Hiddleston. This week, the news of T-Swizzle’s whirlwind romance has been overshadowed by evidence that she did, in fact, give Kanye permission to use that sexist song lyric.

It’s certainly given the haters a lot to talk about. Taylor very publicly denounced Kanye West and his attitude towards women, after the song was released, so she’s been left looking a little sheepish. But you know what that means; there’s only one thing left to do but ‘Shake it off. Sh sh shake it off’ (sorry). And, that’s exactly what this ferocious female has been doing, while flaunting a flawless haircut and her beautiful new beau.

Yet, with the ladies of Instagram looking so fine this week, she’d better hold on tight to her crown.

A Half Up and Down Hottie

This is one of the cutest, most bohemian styles around, but it also happens to be one of the simplest to create. It’s the ‘go to’ look for proud hipsters everywhere. So, if you’re a self-professed Starbucks obsessive, with a weekly yoga appointment, and a fridge full of hummus, get onboard. Take your longest hair extensions, secure them firmly along the divide from one ear to the other, and then cover them with a layer of your own hair. Then, draw the top section into a loose or twisted bun and complete the look with designer sunnies.

A photo posted by Julia (@jj_julia_) on

An Undercut Braid

This spectacular ‘faux’ undercut style is one that isn’t seen very often, because too many ladies assume that it’s beyond their skills. While complex and layered styles can definitely be fiddly, the trick to getting them right is to divide the process into manageable steps. With this one, the fussy bits only look difficult; if you can learn how to braid upwards, you’ve got it. Start just below your ears and only braid the bottom third of your hair. The rest needs to be arranged in a messy ballerina bun that can hide the end of the braid.

A photo posted by isterica297 (@isterica297) on


Mermaid Blues and Greens

For girls who are used to playing around with colour, there’s an interesting take on the balayage and sombre trends that’s really hot right now. Instead of sticking with the standard auburn and honey blonde tones, forward thinking fashionistas are creating the same transitional look with candyfloss colours. Check out this aqua blue and ice blonde combination. It shows how great the trend can look, even if you restrict the balayage effect to the mid to end lengths. Although, of course, for truly stress free highlights, you could always clip in highlights and master the style in minutes.

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The Fairy Queen

If you have a lot of summer parties, weddings, and soirees to attend this summer, you’ll need a lot of gorgeous hairstyles to go with them. If you pick up one of these twinkly headbands, you can create a romantic and tousled vibe, kind of like a fairy queen from a Shakespeare play. This style in particular is also a little mystical; it brings to mind quirky and stylish performers like Natasha Khan, from Bat for Lashes. Keep your fringe in a centre parting and wear your headband just tight enough to push it slightly upwards. It will give you a sense of volume and body.

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