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#longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics on Instagram This Week

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This has been a pretty dramatic one for Great Britain. While half of the country has been celebrating, the other half has had its head in its hands. The decision to leave the EU has split families and destroyed friendships. Yes, it has been a strange old week, even if you’re completely fed up with politics!

It wasn’t made any less weird by the latest Kanye West release. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to get on it right away. The controversial hip hop star put himself in bed, with naked waxworks of his wife, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, George Bush, Amber Rose, Donald Trump, and Bill Cosby. And, when we say naked, we mean naked. Needless to say, T-Swizzle is not happy at all.

She needs to get herself a new hairstyle, like the lovely ladies of Instagram. That’s what we’d do if our arch nemesis made a naked waxwork of us – probably.

Festival Space Buns

We talked a little about space buns last week. They’re actually ideal for summer festivals because they look really cute, but they don’t let hair get in the way. If you’ve seen any pictures from Glastonbury, you’ll know that it was a muddy mess as ever this year. So, a practical hairstyle was a key part of staying comfortable and stylish. This girl knows; her space buns are on point. If you want to get yours up high like this, you’ll need enough length to create more twists. Get your clip in hair extensions out and start practicing.

Nineties Grunge Hair

Or, if updos aren’t really your thing, you could take an example from this retro chica and go grunge. This look manages to combine space buns and two, very long, double braids, so you’ll definitely need extensions to pull this one off. Make them as long as possible to get that Gwen Stefani era vibe. While the style may look complicated, it is a lot easier than it seems. The buns here are actually just a part of those French braids. They’ve been wound round, piled high, and turned into a ‘two in one’ hairdo.

A photo posted by The Crystals (@thecrystals_) on

Summer Sun and Pineapples

For a really cute and quirky beach style, pick up a fruit themed hair accessory like this lovely lady. Then, leave most of your hair down, but bring two side sections around the back and clip them in place. This is something that can be done in minutes, but it adds dimension and texture to a regular old ‘down do. And, it keeps the hair away from the face in hot, sticky conditions. If you’re on your holidays and you’ve just got out of the pool, tie your tresses back like this to keep them neat as they dry off.

A photo posted by @girls.with.beautiful.hair on

Grey Hairs Are for the Young

The popularity of grey and silver hair hasn’t waned yet. Celebs like Helen Mirren, Jourdan Dunn, Beth Ditto, and Ellie Goulding have all rocked this trend. It’s one that better suits ladies with naturally darker hair, because the hue can make pale skinned girls look even ghostlier. If you are going to embrace your inner ice queen, you’ve got to do it with a bang. Turn heads everywhere that you go by combining silver or grey tones with sweeping, luscious length. And, if a full on dye job is a little intimidating, flirt with the style by adding platinum hair extensions.

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