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#longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics On Instagram This Week

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

For weeks now, the drama surrounding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has continued to intensify. While celebrity divorces are certainly not unusual – we’re only just getting over the spat between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – this was one marriage that really seemed like it would go the whole way. It is even more surprising that the usually very private couple are having such a vicious and public split.

There are rumours that Brad had an affair with co-star Marion Cotillard. There are others that say Angelina was so obsessed with her humanitarian role that she neglected her hubby. In fact, it looks like the full and frank story might be a long way off yet. The two have now gone into hiding, at separate locations, but we’re pretty sure that icy Ange is keeping up appearances and maintaining her glamorous, sultry look.

Fortunately, the week has been much sunnier for our Instagram girls, so let’s take a peek at some of the finest hairstyles online this week.

A photo posted by S T A R (@star_666_) on

Rock Out With Your Locks Out

This fierce lady represents everything that we love about hair extensions. They’re designed to fit your personality and help you create a unique look. So, it isn’t all about sweetness and super girly styles. You can rough, muss, and tousle things up until you’re rocking with a sultry, sexy ‘do. The secret is the length though; if you want to cheat your way to glossy, shiny hair, you need to invest in high quality clip in hair extensions and take good care of them. This means regularly washing them as you would your own tresses.

A photo posted by CAPELLIMAGIA (@capellimagia) on

Red Sky in the Morning

We recently showed you how insatiably cute actress Lily Collins looked with scarlet hair. This type of shade is really popular in autumn and winter, because it is warm and inviting. It tends to replace colours like honey and peroxide blonde, which are a bit icier and better suited to the summer. Plum is one of our favourite choices actually, so you might want to try experimenting with clip in highlights. Once blended properly with your own hair, nobody will be able to tell that they’re not part of a skilful dye job.

A photo posted by CAPELLIMAGIA (@capellimagia) on

Crimping All Over Town

Clip in highlights would also work wonderfully with this kind of style, as the bands of colour are purposely distinct from the rest of the hair. You could simply clip, crimp, and go. For girls who don’t have crimping irons – they are a little old fashioned these days – an easy way to cheat is to go to bed with your hair secured in tight braids. When you let it spring free in the morning, you’ll see that the lengths have taken on a kinky, wavy form. Just brush any knots out with your fingers rather than with a brush; otherwise, you’ll brush the style right out again.

A photo posted by Diaa_nofal (@diaa_nofal) on

The Ponytail with a Difference

This rather dramatic pony can only be created with the help of really robust, reliable hair extensions. The front needs to be carefully coiffured and lifted and the back drawn upwards and boosted with the extra length. It is a tricky ‘do to pull off, so we commend this lady and her salon helpers. It would certainly get you noticed at a party though, that’s for sure. For a simpler version, wear fewer extension pieces and perhaps use a hair donut or other accessory to keep the back firm and lifted.

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