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#longhairdontcare The Best Hair Pics on Instagram

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The week is ending on a pretty high note for fans of Lord of the Rings hunk Orlando Bloom. Despite the fact that he seems to have done nothing other than bounce around Hollywood seducing beautiful woman for the last few years, those cheekbones and that physique still have the power to send the media into a frenzy. You know that you’re a heartthrob when you can upstage Katy Perry in a bikini.

If you’ve got no idea what we’re talking about, it’s time to fill you in. It turns out Legolas likes to go paddle boarding in nothing but his birthday suit. And, he’s not shy about who gets an eyeful either. While the public pics are all censored, those muscles alone are enough to explain why Katy looks so happy. The two have been dating for some time now and it hasn’t been smooth sailing, but it’s nice to see the loved up pair finally enjoying their romance.

The singer is currently wowing her fans with another pop hit as well; Rise is an anthem for the summer that is all about being a confident, powerful woman. It’s something that our ladies of Instagram know a whole lot about.


Chunky Fishtail in Blue

There are two hot trends that just refuse to wane this year. Everywhere that you look, there is somebody sporting a fishtail braid, a pastel coloured dye job, or both. It takes a lot of sass to pull off the two styles at the same time, but it can be done amazingly, as this picture shows. The light, almost eggshell blue is our favourite part of this look, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as striking and dramatic if that length and volume wasn’t also there. In fact, adding either length or width is an easy way to elevate a fishtail from average pretty to supermodel glam and is easy to achieve with hair extensions.

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Keeping It Sweet and Simple

Sometimes, the best way to show off the health and shine of hair is to do very little with it at all. This super simple down ‘do is really lovely, because her tresses are long, glossy, and well maintained. While it’s always nice to be able to play around and experiment with your hair, your clip in hair extensions should always be high quality enough to rock bare and basic too. At ClipHair, we sell only the finest 100% human hair extensions that are lightweight, easy to apply, and guaranteed to stay in place all night if you wear them correctly.

Hair Fit for a Bride to Be

If there are any gals out there who are preparing to tie the knot, try to remember that there are all kinds of options when it comes to hairstyling on the big day. If a complicated chignon doesn’t feel like you, pare it down and stick with something classic. Ultimately, it’s your moment and if you want to wear beachy waves, it’s exactly what you should do. Just make sure that you bulk out the volume with hair extensions; the aim should be to get those curls feeling light, but really bouncy. Also, with clip in extensions, you have the added benefit of being to switch up your look right before the honeymoon.

A Little Colour in the Back

This is a dye job that we haven’t seen before, but it works wonderfully, because the hot pink tones contrast gloriously with those darker, glossy lengths. The interesting thing about it is that the colour has only been applied to the back portions; the front sections are left untouched. This creates a curious, but very contemporary, vibe. It’s almost punky and we can’t help but imagine that an edgy diva like Kate Moss or Kristen Stewart would love it. You might want to try it in a temporary fashion, rather than going for a full on dye job. Just pick up some shorter clip in highlights and wear them a little further towards the back.

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