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London Fashion week predictors


September in London is a big deal in the fashion world because Fashion Week hits our city. British and international designer come together to show off what is on offer for the coming season. London has always been a hub of fashion but it is no longer just about the clothes. Makeup and especially hair is gaining more and more attention in its own right. Women everywhere are becoming more aware of how powerful an accessory your hair can be when styled, and let’s face I we all like to feel glamorous. Today we are going to talk about some of Britain’s best designers and their trends to see if we can predict what will be on show later this month.


Alice Archer
Alice Archer is the queen of embroidery and feminine style. Her maxi dresses are insane and I love this one in particular. She has worked with awesome makeup artists and stylists to create this vintage doll inspired look. I love the hair 20s inspiration. By having the waves looser and less rigid in the updo it helps to give it a modern twist an is perfect for us to wear over the weekend, so make dinner plans as soon as possible.


Bora Aksu
If you don’t know this incredible designer’s work, look him up. He uses his Turkish background to influence his designs to make them powerful and dramatic. When you are making it all about the outfit, keep everything else simple. This is the perfect example, a bit of bronzer and swept back hair. This does not mean that you don’t have style but lose curls, a centre parting and pinned back front. This looks stylish but laid back and perfect for every occasion.

Clio Peppiatt
Clio Peppiatt is the queen of custom-made beaded deigns from dresses to jumpsuits. She is London based and definitely brings a big on London swagger to her looks. Her outfits are so ‘fashionable’ so it is so nice to see a bit of a contrast with the hair. It is big, casual and looks incredible. If you want to get this look you will need to put in a few hair extension pieces, curl your mane and add some hair mousse. The wet look is an incredible and perfect contrast to a dress like this.


Dilara Findikoglu
When I think of Dilara Findikoglu’s style and designs contemporary is the word that comes to mind. If you are a wallflower or don’t want to stand out, this is not for you. She loves the colour, metallic and very interesting shapes. This doesn’t just stop at her clothes. The makeup was very Tim Burtonesc and she used braids that seem to defy gravity I am not suggesting that you use this particular style in your everyday look but it cool to see how braids can be used in an interesting way. If you are already thinking of Halloween inspiration then this look might actually be one that you might want to use.

Katie O’Connor

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