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London fashion fashion week summer/spring trends

London fashion is arguably the most glitzy event held in London all year and everyone wants a ticket. If you are a fan of Victoria Beckham’s style or love designers like Bora Asku and Daks then you would have absolutely loved the shows over the past week. There was everything in the fashion department with all styles and colours you could imagine. The beauty and hair departments didn’t let us down either with some of our favorite trends seeming to continue next year and some new ones popping up too. Keep reading to catch all the London Fashion Week gossip.


Ruffled simplicity

The undone look was dabbled with a little by the Olsen sisters a couple of years ago and now it is back in a big way. Incredible designers like Edeline Lee and Palmer// Harding are jumping their outfits on those catwalks with some our everyday go-to hairstyles with a little bit of edgy spin. They have lightly backcombed buns and ponytails to make this look fresh. This is perfect for a casual occasion. Try it out with braids too, it looks incredible.


Extra sleek but not always slicked back

If you want to look at some hair inspiration for the wet look style you have so many designers to get that from in this year’s London Fashion Week. Haizhenwang, Fyodor Golan and Halpern are just a few brands who are continuing this look with some stunning extensions but not as we knew it. Last year it was all about creating ultra straight tight ponytails that were perfect for the office and we have seen on the red carpet. but this year’s Spring/ Summer London Fashion Week is leaning toward long loose wet looks with a not so subtle side parting. This is definitely a style that will get you noticed and dialed down a bit could look stunning with your work outfit or cocktail dress. It may look ultra gelled with the catwalk version but with less hair gel you can still achieve this awesome look without it looking over the top.


Go uneven

If you are feeling like a more adventurous new haircut there were a few wild a-symmetrical styles going on. I would say you have to have the right kind of face to pull this one off so if your face is not identical both sides, steer clear. If you have short hair an a-symmetrical is easily achievable with some carefully placed extensions. If you are unsure then ask your hairdresser.


From 90’s to futuristic

Edgy designers Minki and Marta Jakubowski are taking the 90’s inspired hair trends of this year and taking them to a whole new level. The mini buns have been rocked by some of our favourite celebrities this year like Maisie Williams but usually only two. This is where things have been shaken up; these designers have gone future thinking, literally. By dividing your hair into more sections and creating more buns it gives this look an incredibly futuristic look.

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