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Lady Gaga’s Grammy hairstyle tutorial


Lady Gaga AKA Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has had such a stellar year as she is working on her 6th album and starred in A Star is Born. This film hasn’t been out long but already has a lot of buzz. At this year’s Grammy awards Gaga did not disappoint, she always likes to go a little bit dramatic and steals the show and we love her for it. This year’s look was based on a corset braid style and looked regal and fabulous. If you want to achieve this look yourself keep reading this step-by-step tutorial and don’t forget to #wearcliphair.


Step 1: Preparation

This look works best with long thick straight hair. If you have the second day har I would wait until you next wash your locks to try it out. Make sure you have your Cliphair extensions in to make your hair lovely long and thick and add some serum to your locks before you straighten them. Once this is done you are ready to create a centre part and move on to creating the style.

Before you can start french braiding you need to separate two sections just behind your ears and in front of your ears on both sides and pin them out of the way for now. Now you are going to create an upside-down triangle in the back and tie it out of the way until after your braiding


Step 2: Form your braid

This style is based on braids but it is very different from what you have previously done. Focusing on the separated sections near your ears. Working around your the edge of your hairline and behind your ear start with three small sections and gradually add more strands to make your braids bigger. Repeat on the other side. Once you have done this get a metre long piece of ribbon in your favourite colour. Thread the ribbon through a row of your braids ie between the cross near the top of your crown. Make sure there is an equal amount of ribbon either side of your braids. You are essentially going to thread this in a zig-zag pattern in between your braids like you would your shoelaces.


Step three: Bringing it together

Use the upside down triangle you created as a guide. You are going to bring your braids together at its tip. Once they together weave the ribbon in and out of the braids and tie a knot at the end to secure. Release the triangle section and divide the hair that is not in your two braids in half. You are going to create a loose fishtail braid over your laced upbraids. Make sure it is tight enough so it doesn’t fall out, particularly if you have layered hair, but you want to make it loose enough that your laced braids can be seen through it. Secure at the end in line with your other braids and wrap the remaining ribbon around to bring the look together.


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