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Knowing your extensions II – hair pieces vs pre bonded and micro ring extensions


The second blog on getting to know the types of extensions we are on to what some people would consider the less known about types of extensions. When venturing for a change in style you want to get something that suits your way of life as well style so it is important to have all of the information. Let’s get down to it and compare hair pieces, micro ring and pre bond extensions.



hair pieces hair extensions



fringe clip in


ok you can admit it when I say hair pieces you think of Donald Trump’s awkward toupee but I promise you it is not like that at all. In the world of extensions hair pieces also extend to faux fringes and clip in ponytail extensions. This also includes an amazing piece that is technically a clip in. yes, it is a bit confusing, I know, but the reason we put it in the hair pieces section because with four whole wefts of hair you can both extend and drastically thicken your hair all in one quick step. Perfect for the busy lady wanting to mix up her look. In fact, all extension hair pieces are made for just that, a quick transformation. The fringe hair piece is probably the most transformative. If you are like me and not daring enough to go for a fringe style on a whim, this is the perfect temporary try out aid. If you love creating thick ponytails and buns without weighing down your head then pop in your ponytail extensions hair piece for instant styling versatility. They are designed a little differently, with two ties, because they are for the ponytail.



Pre bonded extensions



pre bonded extensions


Long nail tip pre bonded hair extensions as also known as fusion hair extension. They get the bond part of their name because they care quite literally bound to your natural hair with glue. Like tape ins these are not extensions you can stick in yourself they take about 3 hours to put in with a heat clamp (definitely do not try this at home.) if you have damaged hair the heat and glue involved will not be the best for your hair so maybe think of another type of extension.



Micro ring extensions





Micro ring extensions are another type of extension that needs a bit of time for application. Micro ring or micro loop as they are otherwise known take about three hours to apply and if you want to do it yourself you will need great skill. To blend this style of extension in with your natural locks you have to loop them through. A good company will make them as easy as possible to apply and should last around three months before they need replacing. Make sure that you go with a set that you don’t need to use any harsh glues to adhere the extensions to your hair we want your hair to look glamorous not damaged.

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