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Killer Halloween inspiration

It may only be the 16th but this month is passing incredibly quickly and costumes will run out super quickly so you should get deciding now which awesome character you want to dress up as. We have some pretty scary characters in films but this year, in particular, we have seen some incredibly awesome females in movies. The wallflower and pretty and meek girl inspiration can move over we are loving the boss babes that are strong, sassy and won’t take nonsense from anyone. If you are overwhelmed with choice (or have brain freeze) we have your back. Keep reading to find out how you can get the looks of this year’s hottest Halloween inspirations.


Wonder Woman:


This Amazonian babe rocked the screens this year, deflecting bad press and showing us all how to rock some boss babe power. An image of wonder woman we have loved for years is her flawless big curls and Gal Gadot definitely delivered and they stayed perfect on horseback! So clip in hair extensions and brush through some serum, we are about to create wonder woman worthy hair. Tie up the top half of your hair so you can create large curls. Curl away from your face to give extra volume and keep your face look light and photo ready. Before your curls cool and you run your fingers through them spritz with some hairspray for extra hold.




Since rainbow hair is a major trend this year this style will be an awesome look. This is perfect for the girl who is not into scary but isn’t comfortable playing sexy kitty. As this is a mythical creature there is no right way to create a unicorn-style but funky colours are a must. A fun way to show off your locks is to divide your hair into small sections and start crimping. Once your hair looks completely crimped scrunch it with some moose for extra bounce. To add that magic, add your unicorn headband and some glitter.


Star Wars’ Rey:


This killer up-do is perfectly fitting for a fierce and stunning lady. If you want a dramatic look but something that won’t require maintenance throughout the night, this style will suit you perfectly. You will need the medium to long hair for this style and hair that is not too thin so you will need to have your extensions for this one. Spray in some dry shampoo and brush it through. Divide your hair into three horizontal sections and secure with a clear hairband. Tuck the ends in to create your top loop. Take a few strands of the hair that is left out of the bun and Wrap it all the way around the hair tie. Make your second loop and repeat the wrapping process. Repeat with the third loop except this time leave some strands out at the front. Curl your strands then make your third look. To hide the excess hair at the bottom tuck it inside the bun and pinning it with bobby pins. Finish off your hairstyle with some hairspray.

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