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Key hairdressers lingo: dusting is it worth it?

You can go to any of the main hairdressers and ask for this and they will know exactly what you mean. The key tool you will need for your dusting brilliance is a pair of lovely sharp scissors.  You can pick up some specialist hair cutting scissors or just very sharp kitchen scissors. This promotes brilliantly healthy and shiny hair but like anything in life, it needs to be done regularly, around once every 2-3 months. If you are not feeling flush for cash and want to try this yourself at home (or have some amazing friends who will do it for you) keep reading for hits and tips. 

clip in hair extensions-dusting 

What is dusting?

Dusting helps you get rid of split ends so it stops future damage, we all need that right? This is brilliant if you like to style your hair with heated tools or experiment with colour. After all, you don’t wait to have your ends becoming crackly and looking like pieces of burnt straw. This goes for your hair and your hair extensions.remember this is not about cutting off large sections just the visible hair ‘dust’ (hence the name) so try not to get too carried away.

The three methods of dusting

clip in hair extensions-dusting-technique

The pull technique

If you are getting a friend to dust your hair or you are helping them out, this is the technique you should opt for. To dust, your hair using the pull technique gather a one-inch section of hair and pull and flatten the section in your hands so that it lays straight and smooth. This bit is really important, make sure that your scissors are laying flat against your hair so you don’t accidentally cut a chunk out. Run your scissors down your straight section of hair, trimming split ends as you go.

clip in hair extensions-technique-pull

 Fold your locks

If you are doing your dusting all by yourself and don’t have many mirrors/ want to get sections at the back of your head, this is your winning dusting technique. Pinch a section of hair near your hairline and fold it up and down weaving it between your fingers. This will force the split ends to stick out so you can see them better in the light. Once again you want to lay your scissors flat, your knuckles are often a good guide to how close you are getting to the edge of your hair. Keep moving your fingers and scissors down to the ends of your hair. 

clip in hair extensions-technique-twist 

Twist and dust

If you are short of time or just want to focus on the hair in front of you, go for the twisting dust technique. This is the technique that works best for all hair types so if you have curly locks, this is your best friend. Use the one-inch section as your guide, bigger sections as less effective, and twist it tightly. Make sure that it is twisted all the way to the ends, this will help expose the split ends so you can trim them.


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