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Keratin treatments cute or chaotic? What it is and how to style with it

Authored By Katie O' Connor

Some people love Keratin and some people hate it so what is the big deal? Chances are you have met or at least seen someone why has had a Keratin treatment done, they can also be known as a Brazilian Blowdry. Some people love it but it is becoming infamous amongst thousands too. With suck conflicting opinions it is time you checked out the facts and find out what it is and how to style your hair after a keratin treatment.



What it is

A Keratin treatment results in your hair being straight and shiny. The way it does this is to wash your hair and drench your hair with a keratin serum (this naturally exists in your hair is smaller amounts). It is a protein that helps to build the strength of your hair whilst maintaining your hair’s visual sign or health a.k.a shine. Once it is straight you will have to wash out the treatment and to finish the process it blowdries with high heat and straightened to keep the formula locked in. This sounds like a simple process but it actually takes a bit of time (up to 2 hours) so make sure you have a clear day and take a book. If you are desperate to get your hair to relax and de-frizz you may find it well worth the time.



Healthy or hazardous

If you have thick hair that is curly or frizzy then this will sound the most appealing to you. Keratin is actually a protein that we have in our hair naturally but over time we can lose it. That can be down to chemicals or products we use in our hair or simply getting older. A keratin treatment isn’t the same thing as a permanent straightening treatment and is arguably much kinder to your hair. There are not scientific results conclusively suggesting it is either damaging or nourishing in the long term because everyone reacts differently. The attraction, of course, is that it makes your hair more manageable and smooth but some people have noticed their hair becomes greasier quicker. It is really up to you what bothers you more frizz or hair oils.



Hair care tips

Like getting a perm it is not recommended that you wash or even tie up your hair for two days. This is to prevent damage to your hair after treatment and so you don’t get kinks in you lovely smooth locks. You will see the difference and it will make it a lot easier to blend with your Cliphair extensions. Another recommendation I would make is to do what you do with your hair extensions and use sulphate free shampoo to keep your hair protected. Remember the average time this treatment lasts is 2 to 4 months, the difference is all about how well you treat your hair in the meantime. Make sure you treat your locks right and your keratin treatment will stay beautiful for longer.



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