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Keira Knightly’s London Film Festival Style


It is October which means it is time for the London Film Festival. I am so excited I will be attending this year to get the low down on the latest movies and the hottest celebrity styles this month. One of the most talked about UK films to come out this year is Collette starring Keira Knightly. She was rocking it at the opening event and strutting her stuff for the cameras on the red carpet. Today we are going to break down this look and I am going to show you how to achieve it with your hair extensions in this step-by-step tutorial. As always don’t forget to #wearcliphair to show off your style.

Step number 1: preparation

The preparation for this look is incredibly simple and, despite being red carpet worthy, this style is deceptively simple. Start by creating a side part. It doesn’t matter which side you choose, just make sure you use a fishtail comb so the part is nice and straight. If you are using Cliphair’s clip in extensions I would recommend putting them in after you create your part so that they lye flat in the correct direction. Make sure your locks are thoroughly brushed and add some serum to the lower third of your hair to minimise frizz and add a lovely shine.



Step number 2: braiding time

Take each of your two sections either side fo your pair over your shoulders to help keep them separate for now. If you are struggling to keep the larger half over your shoulder you may want to tie it up. Take a one-inch section of hair from your smaller half and divide it into three equal sections. You are going to create a french braid with them by folding the outside section on the right side over the middle and then doing the same on the left side. I would not lift this braid up whilst creating your rows, it may make it easier to add strands from underneath but it will loosen the braid and this is a style you want to keep tight. To keep this style looking neat the sections that you add into your braid from the back of your head will need to be tighter but be careful that you do not pull the braid away from your hairline. Continue all the way to the ends and make sure that it is tight near the nape of your neck. Repeat on the other side and gently tug your braids a little for a bit more body.


Step number 3: creating the updo

Gather your braids together at the nape of your neck (hence why you needed that section to be tight). Then start twisting the braids around each other to create a rope-like shape and secure with a clear hair tie. To complete this style create a tight  shape near the nape of your neck, tucking the ends of your hair underneath and secure with hairpins

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