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Katy Perry back on the dating scene?

Well, well we have not seen a serious other half on the arm of Katy Perry but we have some latest gossip that Katy is back on the dating scene. We all know that she likes a challenge in the man department (if you don’t believe me, look at her list of ex’s) but there has been a massive rumour that she hooked up with Reese Witherspoon’s ex Ryan Phillipe. Using her well know Perry humour she has denied this rumour by joking that she is trapped in his basement but we are not convinced that this story is so simple. Dating Reese or not we are going to check out some of her latest looks to find out why she is so date- worthy.


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The lilac lover:

When your eyes are as big and beautiful as Katy’s then pastel shaded hair is stunning and your best friend. Over the years Katy has gone from a 50’s style retro style to a bit more adventurous. This look is not for those wanting to be a wall flower so prepare to turn heads. Be aware though that this style is high maintenance. Sorry to burst your bubble but looking this fabulous comes with a price. To get the stunning lilac hue, you must first bleach your man then add your pastel dye. For the first time, at least, go to the professionals to get this style sorted. This messy bob is a hot trend at the moment as well, so lilac or no lilac, if you have an oval or heart shaped face this is a style that is worth trying out!



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Daring and not caring:

Whoa! Either her hair grows massively quickly or Miss Perry has had some help from some extensions. We don’t blame her. As a person who loves to change it up and keep her life interesting, they are essential to Katy’s fast paced way of life. This style is not a Katy original. It looks very similar to a do that Miley Cyrus had a while back. Short around the back and sides and longer and more luscious on her blonde top looks amazing. I must admit not all of us will be able to pull it off though. If you have high cheek bones and big eyes though, totally go for it. Spring is the time to get more adventurous and time to roar.


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Being upstanding at the Brits:

With legs like these and such a fun personality is it any wonder that Katy is such a catch. This look looks really complicated but it is actually really simple. Divide your hair into 5. create mini buns, add sparkles and there is not much more to it. This may not be a do that works for high end, sophisticated events but it is perfect for casual events or gym workouts. Who could resist someone who looks so amazing in a modern version of a flapper dress and matching coat. Try an adventurous style yourself, who know what fun the night will bring.

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