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How to Wear Your Hair at V Festival

With the news that the 2015 V Festival is going to be a mixed bag in terms of weather (with some sunny spots and some showers), a lot of music loving girlies are probably now wondering what this means for their hair and clothes. The thing about festivals is that they often require more than a little bit of compromise – sure, you can intend to look your best, but the rain is bound to scupper those plans!

So, with that in mind, what can you do to keep your tresses looking lovely whilst partying on down to the likes of Kasabian, Sam Smith, Calvin Harris, The Script, The Stereophonics, and Olly Murs? Well, there are a number of different options available, from the much loved flower crown (which celebs have been sporting for what seems like decades), to the slicked back pony, or the classic fishtail braid.

This ClipHair handy guide to how to wear your hair at V Festival will help you come up with a few tips and tricks to keep your locks looking perfect this summer.

The Classic Flower Crown

Speaking of the flower crown, it is one trend which never seems to grow old. This is because it offers style conscious ladies the chance to look well groomed and super feminine, without having to put too much work in. If you only have a tent and a compact mirror to wield, you’re going to need a low maintenance look – and the flower crown is ideal. To create it, just style your hair in whatever way you like best (down or up will do, just so long as you’re not wearing a really high bun or ponytail) and then add the flower crown on top.

img1 img2 img3

images via www.pinterest.com

The ‘Wound Around’ Braid

If you quite like wearing your hair in a braid or a thick plait, but want to keep it up out of the way when it’s raining and you’re trying to groove to Scouting for Girls, opt for this simple to create milkmaid style braid. It’s much like a regular braid, but once you’ve finished, you need to wind it gently around your crown and fix it in place with clips or grips. If you have short locks and want to experiment with something new, pick up a clip in hair extension piece from ClipHair and use it to give yourself some extra length and body.

img4 img5 img6

images via www.pinterest.com

The Queen of Faking It

For all of you ladies who want to rock out without worrying about the condition of your hair, there’s always the option to take it. Yes, that’s right – hair extensions are a fabulous way to look glamorous at a music festival without having to put a lot of work into intricate styles. Why would you want to spend an hour inside a tent every morning, wrestling with portable curling irons, when you could be out there partying? There are hundreds of different hair extensions available at ClipHair, in as many different lengths, shades, and styles as you can possibly imagine, perfect for this type of event.

The Flawless Fringe

It can be difficult to keep bangs looking flawless, especially without your regular tools and accessories, but it’s not impossible. The alternative, of course, is to go with the flow and tuck them up and out of danger for the weekend – no fuss, no worries. To do this, all you need is a few bobby pins or hair grips to hand. You can use these grips to clip your fringe neatly behind your ears and then add a quick mist of lasting hold hairspray for a look which is guaranteed to last as long as you do. For an extra bit of sparkle, wear a cute headband or hair accessory.

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