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How to make the most of black Friday deals for a full hair makeover

Authored By Katie O' Connor

Black Friday deals are still here and I am so excited! I don’t know about you but I hate going to the shops this time of year so it is all about the online shopping. It is great for getting that dress you have had your eye on forever but it is also great for getting those festive season presents. This time of year so many people are reflecting on where they are in life and are inspired to make a change. This is so true about your hair! I’m sure I’m not the only person who has heard of “new style= new attitude” so I want to show you some gorgeous must-haves for creating a brand new you while the sales last.


clip in hair extensions-the invisible


The invisible

Guys if you haven’t tried this baby, get your hands on it! You are definitely missing out. Any family, friend or work colleague would not look down on you for giving them this thoughtful gift. They may look small but they are powerful. They do not have the harsh metal clasps or easy to tangle designs most hair ties do. They help you have kink free hair, which is fabulous for going from day to night. It causes so much less breakage and damage to your hair and if you have wavy or curly hair, like myself, I wouldn’t use anything else. This should be in your shopping basket now!


clip in hair extensions-smooth-sleeper


Smooth sleeper

If you want a bit of luxury and want to keep your hair in as good condition as possible, go for satin pillowcases. This may seem like a strange thing but the smoothness of the material is not as tough on your locks so you will have less trouble with detangling in the morning. Particle and pretty, they also look incredible and give your bed an upmarket hotel look. If you are an animal lover most satin pillows are vegan, just be wary of ones mixed with silk. They are also kinder to your skin so they keep you looking fresher too.


clip in hair extensions-easy-gliding


Easy gliding

If you have hair extensions or know someone that does, like most of us, do, then an extension hairbrush is a must. I love extension brushes that loop at the end of each bristle so that is causes less dragging. These are brilliant for your hair when it is dry, wet and for your hair extensions.


clip in hair extensions-


Cliphair extensions

What can I say about our gorgeous Cliphair extensions. These stunning Remi human hair extensions are smooth and easily dyeable and great for creating the new look. If you want something quick and easy choose clip in hair extensions (full head, ponytail and fringe) but my current favourite is the oh so popular tape in hair extensions. They are light, reusable and you don’t have to worry about putting them in every day. Hair extensions are one of the most popular fashion accessories so whether you are buying them for yourself or someone else, they will be welcome.

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