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How to get the haircut you want

I know I usually chat with you guys about all things hair extensions but I want to talk to you about haircuts today. Getting your haircut can be a big deal, it can completely transform you on the inside and the outside. Whether you are doing it just for fun,  to mark a transition in your life or for your hair’s health, you want to get it right. I obviously can’t tell you what is the right style for you but I can give you some advice to make sure you get the right look.


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Find your inspiration

Before you take time to go to the hairdressers, know what you want. This is key to being 100% happy. If you want to take a lot of hair off, be specific, how much? I always look at my favourite 5 celebrities to see what I love about their hair and if I think it would suit me. Have fun with it, create a mood board and print it for your hairdresser.

clip in hair extensions-right-hairdresser

Get the right hairdresser for you

The most expensive is going to be the best? not necessarily. Don’t get mistaken I am not suggesting that you go out and get your hair cut by anyone but you do want to get what you pay for. I always trust my friends and family way more than an advert and I think most of you would be the same. Ask them who they go to, especially if they have hair like yours, and get a contact. If you are not a big fan of your friend’s hair it may be because they need to get a trim so find out how long ago they got a cut before you judge.

clip in hair extensions-be-realistic

Be realistic

There are two things you have to be incredibly mindful of when getting a haircut, your face shape and your hair type. These are things that you cannot change. Yes, you can curl straight hair or straighten your curly hair but you want to get something that will suit your natural texture for ‘running late’ days. It isn’t just about managing your hair but what will suit your face shape so if you are considering fringes or changing where you part your hair research it first.

clip in hair extensions-keep-it-up

Know how to keep it up

One of the worst thing that happens is that after a week the haircut that we loved turns into a haircut that we hate. Unless someone has gone Edward Scissor Hands on you whilst you sleep, it is probably your routine. If this is a drastically different look than the one you have had before talk to your hairdresser. Tell them what time frame you have each day to look after your locks and ask them what you need to do to keep your hair cut salon perfect. If this is a style you were on the fence about and went for anyway (never do that) then make sure you have some hair extensions as a back up just in case.

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