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How to get the best home dyed hair

Authored By Katie O' Connor

We know that having the same hair colour 24/7 may be easy but it can also be incredibly boring. Now the summer is here and we are heading on holidays and going all over the country to festivals. Boring hair is not an option. Whether you are dying your hair or just your hair extensions, you have to be careful not to turn your locks brassy. Keep reading these hair hacks to get beautifully dyed hair at home, you don’t even have to wait for your payday.


Make sure you do a strand test

This is a little bit annoying at times when you just want to dig in and get started but trust me this is an essential step. Even if you have used the same brand of box hair dye, not two batches are the same so it should be done each time you dye your hair. Strand tests make sure you aren’t allergic to anything and won’t have a reaction.



Buy two boxes

This is obvious if you are going to be dying your hair extensions as well as your own hair. I have always needed more than one box to dye my hair and I am not alone. If you have long hair then this will be used up in one go but the worst case scenario is that you have a box left over for next time.



Manage your expectations

Ok I am just going to say it, home dying is not as good as going to the salon. I don’t mean that you are not good at dying your hair, I am sure you are great. The truth is hair dye that is not the same as what you get in the box and neither is the process. This is particularly important if you are going lighter. So if you don’t want to end up with a mess gradually get lighter rather than trying to go for a  major change all in one go.



Get the tools

You would not think of writing without a pen so why would you try to dye your hair without the proper equipment. Your box of hair dye usually comes with gloves so you have that but without a proper colouring brush and bowel, you might as well be trying to paint your bathroom with your hair dye. The bowel just keeps thing tidy and makes sense but the brush helps you apply your dye evenly. If you are just highlighting your hair, you don’t need to use a colouring brush just use an old toothbrush.



Use your lip balm

Yes, your lip balm. This sounds so weird but trust me it works wonders. The number one giveaway that you have dyed your hair at home is the lines or streaks that appear in your forehead. If you want to stop this from happening to get some translucent lip balm and run it along with your hairline before you start dying your hair.


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