How to dye hair extensions at home

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Hello there long hair lovers! When shopping for a new set of extensions, we often wonder if it will fit our needs, if the pictures on the website are accurate enough for us to get perfectly matching hair.

Let’s solve one of the most common problems we face when choosing new hair extensions today: how to get the right colour!


dyeing hair extensions


As you know, a professional online shop (such as Cliphair) will offer colour matching services, that basically means that you send the team a picture of your hair, and they will recommend the perfect shade for you. But when dealing with natural hair, or with hair that has been coloured several different shades in the past, it’s nearly impossible to get a match that will last (taking in consideration that your hair colour will fade in time, but the extensions will remain the same shade).

If you think your hair fits into this category, here are the main two tips on buying your extensions: if you are not sure on the colour, buy a shade lighter rather than a shade darker, and if you have coloured hair in neon or any bold shades, get the lightest blonde and colour it along with your own hair.

After you have chosen your hair extensions, let’s talk about the dye job. Pick the hair dye that matches your hair and mix in a bit of conditioner before applying it onto your extensions. This will help the colour go on much smoother and it will make your job a lot easier. After the mixture is done, lay a weft on your desired surface and give it a good brush/comb/detangle, you want to make sure that the dye covers every strand. Now, using your usual dyeing tools, brush the colour evenly on the weft starting from the clips and finishing at the tips. You can brush it in strands if you are looking for a highlight or ombre effect. You will need to flip it over and do the other side as well.




If you are colouring blonde hair into a dark or bold colour, you need to take the clips out first! This will assure an even application and a better result, but if you are just doing a colour correct, the clips don’t necessarily have to be removed.

Remember to keep track of time for every weft that you colour. The dye donesn’t have to stay on for too long, or else you will end up with a much darker colour than you bargained for. Depending on how dark you want it, you can keep it on for 20-25minutes.

When washing your hair extensions, and even when rinsing off the dye from your hair extensions, never use hot water. Instead use slightly warm water, this will ensure your brand new set of hair a longer life.

Keep in mind that your don’t have to bluntly colour all the extensions, if you have natural hair chances are that you have a lot of different highlights and lowlights in it. So the best way to match your extensions with that is to add lowlights to a lighter shade. This way you get the perfect natural effect.

The quality of Cliphair extensions has proven itself in such situations, since you can dye your wefts without fearing that you’ll ruin them. They resist for at least three dyeing jobs and they remain looking shiny and healthy.

Share your hair colouring stories or questions below and we will be more than happy to answer!


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