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How to beat the January blues

Welcome to January 15th guys! This is supposedly the day of the year when people get the most down, how appropriate that it is on a Monday. This can be because of a lot of things from new year’s resolutions that have gone south or you are just sick to death of the cold weather or you are just having withdrawal from the festive season hype. Today’s blog is all about turning that frown upside down and looking on the brighter side. Wine and chocolate may be good in the moment but you will feel even worse later so check out my suggestions and we would love you to tag us in your #bluemonday revamped Instagram pics.


clip in hair extensions-new-look


Try a new look

people say to get over an old relationship you should reaffirm and recreate a new sense of you. This is not just a case for relationships with other people. Treating yourself to a new style is great for boosting your mood and putting your mind in a more playful mood. Even if it is simply trying a new hairstyle your mind will start to become more open to different changes you can make and therefore help you to feel more upbeat. If you don’t have clip in hair extensions this could be the easiest way to mix up your look. Hair extensions will give that hairstyle a wow factor plus it always feels safer to try an ‘out there’ colour on your hair extensions as a balayage before you to adopt it full time.


clip in hair extensions-music


Pump up the music

Whether you are on youtube, iPod or even vinyl music is what pulls at our heartstrings. If you don’t believe me look up memorable movie moments without music. The key to creating a rule the world attitude is to overload your senses with things that make you feel good. This is most certainly an easy way to get your head bobbing and get yourself out of your funk. If you are out of inspiration type in upbeat music into youtube and you will soon find your flow.


clip in hair extensions-bath


Take a bath

I have to admit guys, I am a total bath addict. Having a bath is my favourite time of the day and I know I’m not the only one. Baths are incredible because they force you to think about and spend time looking after yourself. Think about it, you run the bath and while it is filling put in lovely spelling sea salts and create a nice atmosphere, cue essential oils, mud masks, lighting, music and a do not disturb sign on your door. Then when you get in it is time to unwind, take deep breaths and let your muscles relax. Your stress levels will plummet.


clip in hair extensions-light-candle


Light a candle

Soy candles are incredible for you. The essential oils in them are great and there is something slightly addictive about watching the flicker of the flame. With such a lovely thing you have consciously lit to lift your spirits how could your mindset not shift?



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