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How to banish bad hair days

How to banish bad hair days

We all have them and I isn’t fun. Looking in the mirror first thing in the morning can leave you feeling confident or, if your hair has a mind of its own, leave you in a cold sweat. It feels like it always happens when you are running late and are desperately trying to pull the bird’s nest apart to tame it in a braid. There are ways to stop these mad hair mornings happening so keep reading so you can avoid having a bad hair day disaster.



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Visit your hairdresser

I know I know going to the hairdressers can be really expensive but damaged hair cannot be fixed by just brushing your hair. Your hair can get dry and develop split ends over time and let’s be honest that is not a good look. The only way to truly deal with your damaged locks is to snip the ends every few months.  Don’t worry you don’t have to cut much of, just the damaged sections. It also promotes hair growth, double win.


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Get into good habits

Our parents always nag us about getting into good habits as children well I hate to say it but they may have had a point. Saving some time to look after your hair properly will save you trouble in the morning. Not over washing your hair is the basic but it goes beyond that. Once a week the night before you wash your hair massage some coconut or almond oil into your head to stimulate growth and health, sleep with the oil in and wash your hair the next morning. If you dye your hair or it is in a real state apply a hair mask for extra nourishment.


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Learn some go to styles

Half the challenge with bad hair days is hiding it. If you want to work a look that super easy opt for a braid, I have written so many tutorials I have written so check them out if you have a few bad hair days. They look great and no-one will ever know you are struggling with your locks. I would also say part of dealing with messy hair is working it, perfecting a messy bun is the best way to start. If you want it to remain to look great add your hair extensions, they will hide a whole lot.


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Carry the essentials with you

They may claim diamonds are a girl’s best friend but they won’t help you on a bad hair day. You probably already carry some makeup with you for touch-ups so you might as well add some things to help with your hair. My suggestions are a comb, hair clips and hair serum. A lot of products come in travel size so that is perfect for hair disaster and a night out.


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Get the right accessories

I have already mentioned hair extensions but I am going to explain why. Blending your hair extensions with your bad hair day hair will allow it to look textured rather than messy. Why not add a scrunchy they look great and work brilliantly with a messy look.


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