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How Long do Hair Extensions Last?

 Hair Extensions

One of the most common questions we get regarding hair extensions is how long they last. With proper care, goodquality  human hair extensions can last up to six months. However, there are so many different factors to consider when looking at hair extensions' lifespan, such as the quality of hair extensions, the products used on them, how often they’re washed, how much heat tools used them and so on. There are a whole host of reasons and factors that play a role in how long your hair extensions last. Today, we are going to discuss the lifespan of two of our most popular extensions; clip in extensions, and tape in extensions, as well as some tips on how to look after them.

If you own a set of old hair extensions, don't throw it away! Check out our blog on 7 Exciting Things to do With Your Old Hair Extensions to get some inspiration. 

All hair extensions at Cliphair are made from 100% Remy human hair. We are going to base this blog on the premium quality hair extensions, so this may not apply if you have synthetic hair extensions.

Our hair extensions can last three to six months when maintained carefully and correctly. This includes only washing with sulphate/alcohol free shampoos. Using a heat protection spray before styling and not using heat on them everyday. A great way to create curls or waves without using heat is to plait them overnight, this gives a mermaid wave effect and is much kinder to the hair. 
Dying or toning just like our own hair will decrease the life span as it is a chemical procsess, so if it can be avoided it should be.

How long do clip in hair extensions last?

Long Hair

If you are using your clip in extensions regularly, with good care and maintenance, clip in hair extension can last up to from four to six  months. They can last longer if you ensure you are using the best products for them to wash, condition, treat and style them.

Don’t wash your hair extensions too often – you can extend the lifespan of your clip in extensions by washing them every 15 wears or when you notice product build up.  Whn you are not wearing them, you should store your extensions in a storage box or case, in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent extensions from fading. Always ensure extensions are dry when storing to prevent bacteria or mould growing. Our blog here, details how to make your clip in hair extensions last longer.

How long do tape in extensions last?

braids  Long Hair

Tape in  extensions are the least damaging extension to our own natural hair (which definitely adds to their popularity). They should be professionally re positioned every 8-12 weeks and our clip hair tapes should last two, if not three  re-positions, as long as they are applied and cared for carefully.

Looking after your tape in extensions requires a bit more effort when it comes to making them last longer. For example, tape in extensions are a more permanent type of extensions and unlike clip in extensions, you can’t take them on and off. With that being said, tape in extensions can last up to six months depending on maintenance.

How your tape ins are installed plays a role in their lifespan. If you want your tape in extensions last longer, we highly recommend getting them to put in by a professional. Read our guide here on how to make your tape in extensions last longer.

How often do hair extensions need to be replaced?

Any permanent extension should not be left in the hair for longer than 12 weeks it must be repostioned after this amount of time.

Do hair extensions damage your real hair?

Clip in and tape in hair extensions won’t damage your hair so long as you care for them well, have them professionally fitted and removed carefully.

For tapes, we recommend a good quality tape remove to remove your hair safely. Apply it, leave it to work and then gently peel the extensions out. If you don’t use it, then the tapes won’t break properly, causing problems when you try to remove your extensions. You’ll stress your hair and may damage it by using excessive force to remove the tapes.

How long do your hair extensions usually last? Let us know, and forget to hashtag #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to show off your hair extensions!

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