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Here comes the Sun

We are starting (hopefully) to see the weather get warmer and we want to make our lives slightly more interesting but with every style under the sun seemingly been tried what else is left? The answer, redo what has been done and revamp it! Last year was the explosion if the braid from fish to french and dutch it seems like there is nothing that hasn’t been tried, but how about a braid flower? As we come up to mother’s day and spring is here it seems like the right time to try this bloomingly beautiful style.


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Clean hair is great for this style as we want our hair to be slip free. Once your locks are spotless part your hair slightly on the left. This parting is hugely important as we will use it as a guide later. Waves are not our friends for list style so we want our hair flat. This is really easy to do by using a paddle brush and brushing it out. If you hair is wavy and being stubborn, spritz with water when brushing.






Take a 1 inch section at the front of your deeper parted side and create a tight dutch braid by folding the strands outwards, over each other. As you are travelling with your braid towards your temple add in a few strands from both sides like you would if it were a french braid. As you get to the top of your temple change direction and tug your braid so that it is pointing towards the back (about 3 inches above your ear). Be sure to keep your side strands sleek and tight as they will be on show.


Flower power

Now that we our half pancake braid it is time to turn it into a flower. Spiral it inwards like a loose bun and ensure that the end of your braid is on the inside. Hold you tucked in ends in place whilst you secure the under part of your bun with hair pins. This is an elaborate look so don’t be afraid to use a few. Once it is all secure spritz with alcohol free hairspray and get ready to receive loads of compliments.








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