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Here comes the Lady!!

Don’t be fooled new film release, Lady Macbeth. is not the Shakespeare play we were all made to read in school. It is just as dramatic! Based on a 19th century bride sold and forced to marry a much older man, this story promise intrigue, mystery and to grab your attention. The stunning Florence Plugh, is sensational as poor Katherine not just because of her brilliant acting but because she looks so amazing and 19th century stylish. This look is brilliant to jazz up a simple outfit and is perfect for the May day long weekend, so let’s check out this victorian vivacious style so we can rock it too.


The silky mane:
This do is all about having things in place, it just wouldn’t be right to start it with dry or oily hair so before we even start, wash your hair and treat it with a mask. Even though we are not using heat on this style adding a good serum to your look and brushing it through with a paddle brush helps to add that extra shine, a great way to catch people’s eyes and is an excellent way to win a compliment.




Centre perfection

Now your hair is dry, sleek and ready for action, let’s start parting. Unlike modern looks this style is praised for it’s attention to detail and poised accuracy from start to finish. This includes a centre parting from your forehead to the nape of the neck, so save yourself the pain of trying to do it by sight and grab a fishtail comb, the end is great for hair separation.




Big bits and little bits

Your sectioning is not quite over for this style four inches back from your face, create two more sections that run parallel to your face that will hang down just in front of your ears. Secure these little bits while we concentrate on the big bits. Smooth the big section into a ponytail (keeping your centre parting) and add a ponytail extension piece for volume. Then french braid it and secure it with a clear hair tie.





Bun it

 Twist your french braid into a bun right at your crown, make sure you add more than a couple of hair pins to keep it in place. Now we can focus on the little bits. Move the hair behind your ears and french braid you small sections separately. Put hair pins over the lower quarter of your braids so that you can connect these small braids to the base of your braid bun seamlessly. Spritz with your hairspray and you are good to go.




Alter to your style

There are a couple of ways that this victorian style can be tweaked to suit your style. If your side braids are too long to simply attach under your bun, wrap them around. It looks amazing! adding accessories like flowers or a clip gives this look a much more Spanish feel. Fly aways are actually a good thing, spritz them with hairspray and use your fingers to shape them into loose curls.



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