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Happy valentine’s day!

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

The day of love and romance is here! If you are a Valentine’s Day grinch, sorry this blog isn’t for you. The last twelve months haven’t exactly screamed love and communal togetherness so today is a great excuse to share the love! Whether you have a special someone or not today we can tell our friends, family and yes secret crush how much they mean to us (without feeling like too much of a hippie that is). For a perfect valentine’s day out or in we need a fittingly romantic look. Goodbye edgy power do and hello crush-worthy soft style. There is no symbol more easily associated with this special day than the heart. We have tracked down a super gorgeous heart inspires style. Keep reading this step by step guide to become a goddess that cupid would be proud of.




Extensions for your hair

If you have short hair pop in those clip in extensions, this valentine’s look is for long haired ladies. For lovely locks lightly run some serum through your hair and turn up the heat by curling your hair. As we prefer the Blake Lively look to Shirley Temple run your fingers through your curls so they become looser.




Simple pigtails

This part you can make create or keep it simple and sweet. The pigtails should not be high but light flat. If you want to spice up this do then turn these simple pigtails into two french braids. Secure with a clear hair tie.




Creating a heart

This is the fun part. Place a hair pin horizontally just under your top hair band. You will be able to use this as a guide to wrap around. Make sure that you wrap do that your pigtail towards your ear. You will need at least three hair pins to secure this hear in place and pins hidden. The best places to place your pins for hold are the top crest of the heart, further down as at the indent and at the end to stop it unravelling.  If you want to keep the halves of your heart together simply cross the ends over for extra hold.






The finishing touches

Now that your amazing do is complete, it is time to add the finishing touches. You could simply spritz on a little alcohol free hairspray and go out for your hot date, but why leave it simple? If you want to make this style truly your own, now is the time to add a little glitz. For simple and elegant try tying a black or deep red ribbon to the end of your heart. If you prefer a bit more of a show stopping we have a couple more suggestions. Flowers are an iconic symbol of love and therefore valentine’s day so use them to make the day look even better. If you are less in to florals but still want to wow then add a little glitter but isolate it to the heart. Perfect style for a perfect night.


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