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Half up braided do tutorial

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I am obsessed with braids this week. Let’s face it, they are pretty amazing. Not only do they work perfect with any hair type, can help you keep your hair out of your face but they can also look romantic and intricate. This is definitely the vibe of this look. It is half up style but not like you have seen before. This look is seriously inspired by Game of Thrones as I love the looks from that show. Keep reading this step-by-step style to get a gorgeous half up braided look and #wearcliphair to show it off.


Step number 1: preparation

This style is best for newly washed hair or if you make sure you have enough dry shampoo. The reason is you are going to create a centre part and this will be on show for the whole style. Before you start to create your braids, attach Cliphair extensions from ear level down.

The reason I did this is that you will be able to use more of your natural hair on the top half of your hair without worrying about extension seems. Brush your hair to blend your extension, add heat protecting serum and curl the ends. Pull strands out at your hairline to frame your face.


Step number 2: create your braids

Create a triangle either side of your part with the point going just behind your ear. Pin the right triangle out of the way so you can focus on your left triangle then divide it in half and twist the halves all the way to the end. Add strands as you form your braid and angle it towards the back of your head.

Hold the end and tug on sections of the twist to make it fuller, place an elastic or pin at the end to hold it in place. Repeat the same process with the triangle on the right triangle. Pull the twist braids behind your head and tie them together.

Lift the ends of your braids and loop it up and overtake hair from your left temple and split it in half. Twist the halves around each other to create a twist braid like you did before. Wind the end of this twist braid around the elastic the binds the other two and pin in the back. Do the same with the hair at your right temple.


Step number 3: focus on the back

Once both your mini twists are wrapped around the hair tie divide the ponytail ends in half. Take an inch wide section from below and lift it so the two ends are either side of it. Rejoin the ends and secure them with an elastic band.

Now let the folded up second down, split it in half and reconnect it the other side of the elastic hair tie you just secured the ends with. Repeat this process three times Pinch the sections in between the hair ties to make them jump out. Then you are done


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