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Hairstyles to suit your star sign

Hairstyles to suit your star sign

This may sound a little out there but I know a lot of people are already having Christmas office parties and they often have a fancy dress theme. This is can be a hard one for people who find thing way out of their comfort zone. The thing is you don’t want to look stupid or wear anything that might cause gossip with people you work with but you still want to look hot and feel confident. That is how I feel anyway. I love the fancy dress but there are few that are not skin tight and uncomfortable meaning that 5 of you will probably be wearing the same thing. I came up with a thought that will help you wear what you want but still fit into the “fancy dress theme”, your star sign. We all love showing off a different side to ourselves so this one is fab, keep reading to find your star sign.

clip in hair extensions-sagittrius


If you are a Sagittarius welcome to my gang, I like to think of us as fabulously cheeky. Our sign is the centaur which is half human and half horse, holding a bow and arrow. I am not suggesting you dress up like a horse but there is something related you can do. Brush your hair well and gather it into a hight ponytail on top of your head. Clip in your ponytail hair extension and wrap around the hair tie section to hide the blending. At 2/3 of the way down your ponytail and wrap the ends of 2 pieces of metal wire around the hair tie. Divide the hair below your hair tie, you are going to divide each half into half again. You are going to make each of these halves into braids with the wire acting as your third section. This part is going to look like an arrow so your wire is going to help it hold. Once you go to the end of your hair secure them with a clear hair tie and gently pinch your braids to make them full. You can now bend the wire so the end of your braids meets to become the tip of an arrow. Don’t forget to add your hairspray.

clip in hair extensions-capricorn


Capricorns have there birthdays coming up around Christmas and early on in January. Capricorns are rather more conservative than Sagittarians generally. This does not mean that you cannot do something stunning though. The general symbol for a Capricornian is the goat and this symbol is thought to be one of the strongest. If you are a boss babe you are definitely born int the right time of the year as these ladies are known to be wicked at business and rock a tailored corporate look. For this hairstyle, we are going to create a centre parting and back comb your hair at the roots. We want to create a wickedly brilliant form of victory rolls. So smooth over the sides and top of your hair and curl the lower half. We want your curls to be part of this wicked updo so rather than leaving them loose the weigh down the rest of your hair pin them around the back and sides. You will need quite a lot of hairspray for this style to keep it in place but it is well worth it

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