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What does your hair colour says about your personality? Blue, purple, turquoise, ombre

This blog continues on from the one I wrote yesterday to expose what your hair colour says about your personality. If you have blonde, red or brunette hues refer back to the last blog but if you are a bit more daring with your dying then keep reading. Let’s find out what your colour says about your personality.

clip in hair extensions-hair-colour-purple


Lilac and purple hair are super popular now in comparison to 10 years ago and I am so happy it is. Back in the 14th-century purple clothing was reserved for the royalty because of how expensive it is so it is no surprise that people with purple hair are called regal. This is not your only attribute. If you have purple locks you are thought to be incredibly imaginative. It looks stunning and most of the people I have known with purple locks are creative, so I am going to say it is true.

clip in hair extensions-blue


Blue has always been linked to tranquillity so it makes sense that people with blue hair are thought to be very calm people. This does not mean that you are ridiculously lazy, on the contrary. By having personal calmness you are likely to have self-confidence. With this superpower, you will attract loads of lovely friends. So enjoy being blue.

clip in hair extensions-turquoise


Turquoise is one of my absolute favourites colours and turquoise-haired girls are pretty sick too. If you are drawn to this colour, or hair extensions with this colour, you are most probably spiritual and feel a special connection to nature and something higher. This may come in small habits like liking to walk through the park or self-reflection and meditation. You may love your friends but you are not afraid of an individual either, for that you have my utmost respect.

clip in hair extensions-pink


With such a warm toned hair colour the chances are you are a warm and caring person.  This colour used to be reserved for barbie loving girly girls but it has become much more a sign of empowerment after Pink and Cindy Lauper have been rocking it for years and definitely a sign of fashion. Cindy’s song girls just want to have fun may actually be on the mark with pink haired ladies so if this is you we will find you enjoying a chat and going out to the movies with your mates, even if the club isn’t your scene.

clip in hair extensions-ombre


Ombre ladies have a bit of lioness in them and are brave and daring. This colour requires attention to maintain perfection but if you are drawn to this hue that would not phase you at all. You are up for challenges and are incredibly gutsy. There can sometimes be a change of opinion about a thing or person relatively quickly but that is not necessarily a bad thing. You are willing to give everyone a change but you do not suffer fools. If you want a no-nonsense loving friend, go for an ombre girl.

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