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What Does Your Hair Colour Say About You? Red, Blonde & Ginger Personality Traits

This is probably no surprise to a lot of you, but your hair says a lot about you. Let’s start with your ancestry: you often have a natural hair colour similar to your close relatives. There are so many stereotypes out there about hair. We have all heard the saying that blondes have more fun, but redheads and brunettes are known, fairly or not, as hotheaded and nerdy. The colour of your hair has long been associated with personality traits and characteristics, reflecting a wide range of perceptions and beliefs. We all know that these are total fabrications, but whether you have chosen to keep your natural hair colour or adopted a hue that is more you, let’s check out what your hair colour really says about you. If you're curious about the symbolism behind blonde hair, or the unique personality traits associated with redheads, continue reading and explore the diverse world of hair colour personalities.


clip in hair extensions-ruby-red


Ruby red

There are different shades of red so I am going to break them up. This red is the bright and vivid shade. This shade is not a natural one so like the colour ladies that go for this hue are often bold. You want to be in a lot of styles from sleek to retro grunge but one thing is for sure. You are not a wallflower.


clip in hair extensions-ginger-strawberry-blonde



Natural looking ginger and strawberry blonde

If this is your natural hue, I massively envy you! Some of our most stunning and famous historical figures had this hair colour, like Queen Elizabeth 1. this shade is often matched with pale skin and light eyes and is therefore associated with purity.


clip in hair extensions-cherry-auburn



Cherry and Auburn

Like this ruby red this one is not as likely to be natural so if you have it naturally you are extremely lucky. Because it is so rare it was associated with the supernatural like witches or fairies. Luckily we are not a superstitious these days but these shades are still connected to wildness so if you are a wild woman this is your shade.


clip in hair extensions-brunette



This shade is the most common shade on earth so a not so nice stereotype is that brunettes are boring. This is so not true though, we are just versatile. As a brunette, you suit most clothes and lipstick colours so if you adapt well, you are probably a brunette.


clip in hair extensions-deep-brown



Deep brown

This colour is can be mistaken for black when not in the light. Being deep dark haired ladies are linked to being mysterious and a vixen. Bring out your party dresses this hair colour is perfect for party girls.


clip in hair extensions-platinum-blonde-silver-grey


Platinum blonde and Silver grey

Marilyn Monroe and the playboy magazines have not done this hair colour any favours. It may have had a bad reputation in the past but it is definitely popular now with Taylor Swift and Emilia Clarke excellent role models for this striking shade. This is a very Disney like the colour and like our favourite characters people with have silver/ white hair are considered trustworthy.


clip in hair extensions-golden-blonde


Golden blonde

Golden blonde is often referred to as beach blonde and it is all in the name. People with golden blonde hair are thought to be laid back like surfers. If you have olive skin this is perfect for you as it makes you look sun-kissed.

Whether you agree with these hair colour personality traits or not, there's much to be said for having hair that makes you feel confidently you. And if you're looking to enhance your natural locks, why not explore our wide range of red, brown, or blonde hair extensions.

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