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Good hair, good luck!

We have charms and symbols that we consider good luck. For some people it is an old horse’s shoe, for others, it might be a four leaf clover and these stunning lucky charms have become famous, after all, we could all do with a little good luck. I don’t usually do blogs based on superstition but why not? I am going to share with you some charm based hairstyles that I have been playing with. These are perfect if you are up for a well-deserved promotion, interview or even a date with the very lucky person!


clipin in hair extensions-horseshoe-briad1



The horseshoe braid

This is brilliant for good luck even when you are running late as it doesn’t need you to have clean hair. Start with a centre parting from your hairline all the way to the nape of your neck. This looks amazing with the extra body so pop in your hair extensions either side of your centre parting, make sure that you put them in so that they won’t be seen. Create a simple french braid all the way to the end of your hair and secure with a clear hair tie.  Tug on each section of your braid to give it that insta look and repeat on the other side. Now fold the ends of your right against the inside of the braid and drape your braid near the nape of with your braid ending just behind your left ear in a horseshoe-like shape. Pin it in place and pin your left braid under your right one. Spritz in hairspray and your horseshoe is complete.


clipin in hair extensions-leaf-clover


Three leaf clover look

This is perfect for St Patrick’s day or if you are in funky shapes. Start by spraying your hair with water and brushing it thoroughly. Do your hair up into a mid ponytail and clip on your ponytail extensions. Use your fishtail comb and use it to divide your ponytail into three equal sections from the centre of your pony. Secure each section (about an inch from the middle) with a clear elastic hair tie. Let’s focus on the top mini pigtail, and divide it in half. Twist your halves away from you and make sure that it is twisted all the way to the ends. Bend the end of your twists down to form a mini heart. Add another hair tie at the bottom of your heart to hold it in place. There will be hair left over but don’t worry about that right now. This heart shape will be the shape of one of your leaves. You will be repeating this with the other two sections of your ponytail. Gather the end pieces together and tie them to and secure with another hair tie, I realise there are loads of hair ties but if you want them to stay in place it is a must. You have your clover! If this is for St Patrick’s day add a green scrunchy or ribbon to finish and spray to hold.


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