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Hairstyles to suit your star sign Leo and Virgo

Hairstyles to suit your star sign Leo and Virgo

I am going to jump right into this one. As you can tell over the last week I have been posting loads about birthday zodiacs. This is to help you find what to wear at fancy dress occasions but December is very reflective so I hope this gives you a little insight into your characteristics. If you are a Leo or a Virgo, keep reading this one is for you.

clip in hair extensions-leo


The lionesses on the year your mane is the centre of your look. This might be a coincidence that your sign’s icon has fabulous hair too but I don’t think so. Pride and making a statement with your hair is what it is all about for you Leo ladies so corkscrew curls are perfect for you. Most of us don’t have curlers that thin so let’s go heatless for this look. If you have hair extensions that aren’t in, start by putting them in, it will help you get the volume you want. So your hair co-operated and is going in one direction dampen your mane and brushing it. If you want the classic 80’s look to create a side parting now. If you have pipe cleaners/ flex rods or straws they will help you a lot. Divide your hair into rows we are going to start with the hair closest to your neck. Take a 2-inch section of hair and place your flexi rod halfway down your hair length. Wrap the lower half of your hair away from you then roll your hair up towards your head before bending your rod into an s shape to secure. Repeat this all over. If you are doing this at night sleep with them in if in the morning I hope you have chores planned around the house leave them in for at least 6 hours before taking them out. When you take them out, put your curls apart and hairspray. You will have a mane worth rocking!

clip in hair extensions-virgo


Virgo ladies are thought to be grounded, practical and not drama queens. This hairstyle will reflect your practical nature without being bland. Start off by creating a shallow centre parting. You are going to use your curlers but not at full heat. Want super casual waves so 80% heat is perfect. Scrunch your hair with some mousse to lock in the body and shake your hands through your hair so it is spread evenly and looks textured. Now you need to section off a triangle shape near the back of your head. Start with the point at the back of your crown then move your fingers down and outwards. Secure the front sections out of the way then tease you triangle section from top to bottom without smoothing. Tie all your hair in a ponytail, with a clear hair tie, behind your ears. Don’t forget to loosen at your crown for extra oomph. Take out some strands near your face, add flowers to the hair tie and hairspray to finish.

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