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5 hair hacks for December

This time of year can be totally crazy, we have so many parties to go to from work to family bashes and the NYE midnight kiss with your crush. For so many people this is their favourite time of year but you are probably super busy as well. With so little time it is so helpful to have hair extensions and some time-saving help. This year is all about rediscovering and sharing some of our hottest hair hack trends. Keep reading, this will be so helpful for keeping you looking glam this party season.


clip in hair extensions-roots


Hair hack 1- big up your roots

Thin hair is such a killer for super sexy hair. To help your hair look full of life, give your roots some lift. With damp locks, flip your hair upside down and blow dry your roots in this direction. It will help them stay and give your hair a more voluminous look.


clip in hair extensions-application


Hair hack 2- the hands on product application

I don’t know why discovered this but I am so grateful and if you have tried this, you will be too. I use to cough in a cloud of hairspray being spritzed around willy-nilly but once I heard about this my hair held and retained so much more bounce. Instead of spraying above your head spray a small amount in your hands and run your fingers through your hair to keep flyaways at bay.


clip in hair extensions-curls


Hair hack 3- quick way to get easy curls

This is a brilliant time of year to try this, sexy curls are definitely a holiday look. The easiest way to create them is with this hair hack. Part your hair the way you want it to fall then create 2 braids. Flat iron your braids then add hair spray. Quick easy and totally gorgeous.


clip in hair extensions-powder


Hair hack 4- the best time to add powder

This totally sounds weird but loads of us have been making a huge mistake with dry shampoo for the year. I bet 99% of us have been adding dry shampoo to our roots in the morning and run out the door frantically trying to comb it into the roots. If you know you aren’t going to have time in the morning to wash your locks put your dry shampoo on at night. It will smooth itself into your hairs overnight leaving you with clean, ready to go hair in the morning.


clip in hair extensions-luscious-lock


Hair hack 5- hair extensions to luscious lock

This was not invented this year but it certainly had taken off in a big way as a trend. If you have short or mid-length hair and want to add volume and some gorgeous length then hair extensions are the bomb. We are creating so many different types of hair extensions from tape ins and clip ins to fringes so whatever your hair type and style there is bound to be something that will suit you. The thing that is really important is what they are made out of so Remi hair extensions are a must.


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