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Hairstyles to suit your sign- Gemini and Cancer

Hairstyles to suit your sign- Gemini and Cancer

If you are a Gemini or a cancer in other words born between May 21st and July 22nd then keep reading. You guys are the luckiest in the northern hemisphere because you have the great weather and don’t have to worry so much about wind-blown hair at your own birthday party. Mischievous and empathetic you definitely have the spirit of people born for the easy summer days. Continuing with my zodiac-inspired looks. So keep reading for some great ideas.

clip in hair extensions-gemini


Gemini women are known the be extremely quick witted and a little bit cheeky. These mischievous babes don’t mind messing with a classic style a little, today’s style, space buns. Pull out some strands at the front that you want to frame your face then grab your fishtail comb. This is the big change with this look, instead of doing a simple centre parting start at the centre and create an extreme zig zag parting. This might mess up your hair a bit so brush it thoroughly before you secure your crown. Before your twirl them around into buns clip in your ponytail hair extensions to give your buns the wow factor. Twist your thick hair into a bun and tie up your buns and tug them to add your volume.

clip in hair extensions-cancer


Cancers are known to be empathetic and reliable and we love you for it. Your secret wants in life is to feel over the heels in love so I think a romantic style will suit you the best. Start by putting some heat protecting serum on your hair then divide your hair into rows ready to put your hair extensions in. keep your hair divided into rows, you are going to take a two-inch section, tease it slightly at the root and wrap it towards yourself at the largest part of your curling iron. Once you release the curl, hold it in your hand, spray it with a little hairspray and wait for it to curl before letting go. Once you are done with the bottom row start to work your way upwards. As you get to the top layer you are going to create a side part and start to curl your hair away from yourself for it to stay looking glam. The only section that is different is the waves you are going to create right at the front of you larger half. You are going to get larger sections and curl them forward. Now wrap the curled sections around a large roller and pin it to hold still until it cools. Whilst the front section is pinned out of the way lightly brush out the curls at the back so they turn into big waves. Let the front out and get your long hair clips it is time to get those wave indentations. Find the natural indentation of your curl, put a tissue under it put your metal clip over it, that way you don’t get the weird creases. Clip in a vintage brooch on your smaller half and after about 20 minutes take your metal clips out. Add more hairspray and you are done.

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