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#hairhacks How To Get The Slicked Back Long Hair Look

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The recent 2017 Alexander McQueen show was memorable for all kinds of different reasons and so is the ready to wear collection that it has just launched. Fans of the brand will know all too well that the label doesn’t really do understated. It’s all about dark, edgy, and angular designs. It’s about experimenting with fashion and finding beauty in the unconventional.

This is evident in the super slicked back hairstyles that the McQueen models walked the runway with. They’re punky and defiant, which only makes the delicate, lacy gowns more striking. McQueen has always used hair to great effect and it has taken the wet, slicked back and reinvented for 2017. The good news is that you can do it too, with just a few simple steps.

The slicked back look that we’re going to show you is a bit less angular and dramatic than the runway versions, but it can still give those couture models a run for their money.

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Step One: Start with Dirty Hair

You’ll be pleased to know that this style works best with dirty hair. It’s an excellent ‘day to night’ look, because you don’t need to do much to prepare your locks first. We recommend wearing your hair extensions for a while, throughout the day, first. This will allow them to become nicely blended with your own hair. That way, you’re not working with pristine extensions and slightly dirty tresses; they’re perfectly matched.

Step Two: Comb Everything Backwards

If you’ve got curly hair, you will have to straighten it first. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a wet look perm and a fright when you look in the mirror. Once you’re ready, start combing all of your hair backwards, away from your face. Eliminate all tangles and get it feeling soft and sleek.

Step Three: Add a Leave in Conditioner

A clever secret used by styling professionals is a big old dollop of leave in conditioner. This is instead of hair gel, which most people assume is the best option. You can use gel, but it will make your tresses slippery and overload them with product. Leave in conditioner is a good alternative, because it creates a wet, slick appearance and it hydrates at the same time.

Step Four: Create the Wet Look Effect

It’s up to you what kind of effect you want to go for. Catwalk models have been spotted rocking both smooth and more textured versions of the hairstyle. For texture, it should be enough just to run the comb right back through your hair which will leave ridges and prevent the hair from appearing too flat. On the other hand, the super flat vibe is what other designers have been really keen on. To replicate this, simply use your palm to gently press the length of your hair onto your scalp.

Step Five: Get the Finishing Touches Right

You can tuck the sides neatly behind your ears or have them hanging loose for a more casual effect. It’s a good idea to cover the hair in a light mist of hair spray before you step out. The conditioner will keep it wet and hydrated, but it might not give it much hold. A light covering of hairspray will do the job though. Apply it from a distance or it’ll turn a little crispy over time.

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