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#hairgoals The Best Prom Hairstyles

So, GCSE results day is fast approaching. It’s always a day filled with tears and triumphs for the young people of Great Britain. In fact, there’s an awful lot of pressure placed on school leavers at the time of year, so it’s lucky that they’ve at least got a big party to look forward to.

If it’s your GCSE results that are impending and you’re a bit stressed out, take some time to unwind and start planning the perfect prom hairdo. It’s got to be a look to remember, because this is the start of a brand new chapter in your life. This is the right time to turn heads, make your mark, and look forward to the future with confidence, sass (and great hair!)

Keep reading for some great hints and tips on how to style your hair for prom, courtesy of the ClipHair team.

The Fancy Fishtail Crown

If you need some inspiration, check out Modern Family star Sarah Hyland. She wears a wonderfully feminine braided crown and it is all the rage right now. By using a fishtail, rather than a standard French or Dutch braid, you get a lot more texture and dimension. However, it isn’t any trickier to put together as long as you know your basic braiding techniques. If you add some long, flowing clip in hair extensions, you’ll be able to create a chunky braided crown and still have lots of length left to play with. The style is perfect for prom, because it is elegant and demure, without being too serious.

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The Grunge Princess

If you’re not a big fan of flower crowns and braids, you could punk things up a bit a la Sophie Turner. She’s gone for a casual side sweep, but it looks very dramatic due to the impressively long length of her tresses. You’ll need the longest clip in extensions that we have for this one, but you’re guaranteed to be the centre of attention; even if you’re not blessed with those flame coloured locks. If you are planning to wear your hair down for the prom, make sure that it looks really healthy and shiny first. Add texturising spray for extra body, but use your palms to rub it in, otherwise you’ll flatten the ends out again.

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The Biggest ‘Do in the Room

Over the few years, we’ve seen everybody from Beyonce to Rihanna (and even Cher) try their hand at big, bouncing curls. It is a bigger statement than it seems, particularly for ladies with African-American tresses, because the beauty industry has always marginalised naturally curly hair. We’re glad to see things changing though and we hope that there are plenty of girls who let their wild and wonderful ringlets free at prom celebrations. Take a tip from Ella Eyre and use a deep conditioning treatment in the weeks leading up to big parties. It will keep your curls well defined and help you battle frizz.

The Ice Cold Quiff

For girls who like to mix up their look and try new things, the quiff is a worthwhile choice. It can be as subtle or as pronounced as you like. And, you can wear it with an updo or a down ‘do, it is entirely up to you. Check out the lovely Chloe Grace Moretz for a good example of how to do this style right. To embrace your inner James Dean, pick up some sturdy hair grips or slides. You’ll also need a generous helping of hairspray. If you’re going to pin your hair up, wear it in a low slung chignon or bun, so that the quiff is the focus.

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