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#hairgoals The Ballerina Bun Returns

Now that the scandal surrounding Kendall Jenner and her ballet themed photo shoot is finally losing steam, we feel like it’s safe to confess that we love the ballerina look too. Just like Kendall, we’re surprised that dancers are so outraged about designers paying homage to their craft. It has us wondering if they’re happy about the classic ballerina bun being so popular.

It’s a fantastic hairstyle for casual afternoons and lazy days. It’s endlessly practical, which is why ballet dancers started using it in the first place, and it looks awfully elegant too. Most ladies have tried this look before at some point, but we’ve got a few tips and tricks that can help you enhance and perfect it.

Just keep an eye out for angry dancers when you next pop out for coffee with friends. We’re only playing; wear your ballerina buns with pride this winter.

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Step One: Straighten Your Hair

You’ll find that straightened hair works best for this style because it’s sleeker and smoother. So, get the straightening irons and out and style your tresses until they’re long and kink free. For clip in hair extensions, we recommend attaching first and styling alongside the natural hair. It’s best to keep the heat setting fairly low, however, so as not to burn the ends.

Step Two: Flip Your Hair Over

Now, hold your hair upside down, with your head directed to the floor. This will allow you to scoop up all of the hair and hold it firm in a high pony on the crown of your head. Keep a tight grip. Then, flip your hair back the right way around and spritz the front with hairspray.

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Step Three: Brush Away Tangles

While you’re doing this, don’t forget to keep a tight grip on the pony. Take a broad paddle brush and, starting above your hand, eliminate tangles, knots, and bumps. You can do this by switching the pony from hand to hand as you brush along the lengths. The aim should be to create the smoothest possible ponytail. Once you’re happy, secure it with an elastic band.

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Step Four: Twist into a Ballet Bun

Twist the ponytail around into a kind of rope shape. This is really easy; all you have to do is keep turning it until it’s coiled and tense. Wind it around the stem to form a coiled bun. Use bobby pins to hold it in place. One trick that can make things simpler, particularly if your tresses feel too silky to hold together, is the addition of a little bit of texturising spray. It increases the grip and helps the hair stay put after styling.

Step Five: Finish the Hairstyle

It’s up to you whether you want to apply another light misting of hairspray. It’s not essential, but it will give the style more longevity if you’re planning to wear it all day. A tiny dab of styling balm on the end of a fingertip is enough to smooth down flyaway hairs and keep the whole things looking flawless. Now you and your mirror are ready for a serious selfie session.

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