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#hairgoals Ombre Envy – The Best Dip Dye ‘Dos

While sunkissed beachy highlights might be perfect for the summer months, they can start to feel a little out of place when the colder nights draw in. Fortunately, there’s a style out there that is perfect for autumn and its bursts of rich, warm colour. The dip dyed ombre look has been wildly popular for some time now, but we expect it to start appearing on the catwalks and in the highstreets again very soon.

If you’re not familiar with ombre, it’s defined by a transition from darker roots to lighter lengths. The classic style sticks with quite subtle, natural tones like chestnut brown and honey blonde, but there are actually no real rules. You can team pink with purple, blue with red, and yellow with green if you’re bold enough to make it work. Rita Ora, for example, has pretty much perfected the neon ombre, with a whole selection of vivid, bright colour combinations.

Whether you go for the all-natural vibe or you decide to mix things up a little, do remember that clip in extensions can be dyed to match. Or, for an even simpler life, you can pick up pre-dyed highlights and extensions from ClipHair.

A photo posted by Rita Ora (@ritaora) on

Rita Ora

Well, the reigning Queen of Pop, Rita Ora, can never be trusted to do anything in a way that isn’t completely unique. So, it’s no surprise to find that she’s upended the ombre look and gone for a light shade on top, with vibrant ends at the bottom. It looks superb though, mainly because the two colours are perfectly matched. The platinum blonde acts kinds of like a clean slate and allows Ora to go a little crazy with her bottom tone. We advise doing it this way if you’re keen to combine two striking colours; the light will balance out the dark as long as you get that transition right.

Kate Beckinsale

The Underworld actress has been putting stars 20 years younger than herself in the shade recently. She may be in her forties, but she’s fitter, fiercer, and funnier than ever. Just check out her Instagram feed if you ever need a giggle. Her tresses are looking lovely lately as well, because she’s mastered the art of the ombre ‘do. Kate has gone for a much more subtle style than Rita Ora and it is elegant and feminine. The careful combination of darker browns and ever so slight honey blonde highlights would suit anybody who prefers to keep their hair quite demure and soft.

A photo posted by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

Khloe Kardashian

But, back to another diva who isn’t afraid to stand out. Khloe Kardashian has been rocking a truly gorgeous dip dyed style for some time now. The key to this one is the balance between light and dark tones. Rather than opting for a gentle transition, she’s left her roots to grow out and create a striking contrast to those platinum shades. It just goes to show that even your pesky regrowth can be turned into something a supermodel would be proud of. This type of ombre transition works particularly well with much brighter colours. The roots, once grown out a bit, give the locks a real grungy, nineties vibe.

A photo posted by Lea Michele (@msleamichele) on

Creating Longer, Fuller Locks with Extensions

If you’re currently sporting a pixie crop or a long bob and lamenting the fact that you can’t jump onboard with this trend, we’ve got two words for you – hair extensions. Our high quality clip in hair extensions are easy to wear, extremely comfortable, and they’ll give you the length that you need to rock transitional colours and styles. Plus, you can pick them up in pretty much any colour, style, or size that you need.

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