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#hairgoals 6 Tips for a Messy Bun

Authored By Cliphair Extensions

The bun is a classic hairstyle that has been around for what feels like an age. It’s simple, timeless, and takes just seconds to put together, yet it always manages to look effortlessly cute and fashionable as well. You’ll have seen it on every celebrity who has ever walked a red carpet because, sometimes, the night just isn’t about that fiddly hairdo game.

So, as we appear to be racing through the summer, it’s time to revisit this gorgeous style and figure out how to get it just right. That way, as soon as the festive parties roll around, you’ll be able to ‘messy bun’ with all the sass and skill of Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars.

Keep reading for some handy hints and tips on how to put together the perfect messy bun hairstyle.

Step One: Brush out the Tangles

The first step, as always, is to brush out all of those knots and tangles. Your hair should be smooth and sleek to begin with, even if you’re aiming for an artfully ‘messy’ style. Use a wide toothed brush to prevent the hair from being damaged and if you are planning to wear clip in extensions, brush them before they are applied.

Step Two: Add a Dollop of Volumiser

Next, squirt some volumising or texturising spray into the palm of one hand. You can use dry shampoo as an alternative if you like, because it pretty much does the same job. It will help the hair, and your hair extensions to grip together and stay put rather than slipping and sliding until the style falls apart.

Step Three: Create a High Pony

Then, draw your hair up into a high ponytail right at the back of your head. Don’t worry about making it look too perfect, but do try to place it directly in the middle of the crown. You can figure out where the best place to position it is by turning your whole head upside down. Secure tightly with snag free bands.

Step Four: Convert Into a Simple Bun

Following this, take your high ponytail and split into two rough sections. Use your fingertips to gently wind each around either side of the ponytail stem. When held firm and tight, secure with another band. You now have the basis for your messy bun, so it is time to get thoroughly messy and dishevelled.

Step Five: Rough it Up a Little

At the moment, you should have a fairly tight, basic ballerina bun. What you want though is a messier ‘do, so randomly pull some of the strands out to create a ‘haphazard’ effect. This will add texture, dimension, and extra volume. You should be aiming for a nice balance between structure and definition and punk rock messy appeal.

Step Six: Insert Pins for Grip and Hold

To finish, find yourself some basic bobby pins, grip, or slides. Insert them around the base of the messy bun to make sure that it holds firm. This is especially important if you’re wearing clip in hair extensions, because that body and bounce needs some firm control. Remember to give the whole style a generous spritz with a long hold hairspray before you leave the house too.

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