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Autumn Hair Trends: Top 10 Hairstyles, Cuts and Colours

Spring 2020 Hair Trends: Top 10 Hairstyles, Cuts and Colours for SS20

The summer is fading into Autumn as the sun drifts away to shorter days. This also means it’s that time again ladies; time for an in-depth look at the hairstyles which promise to be hot for the fall. Even though most of us are still spending more time stuck at home, there is still reason to enjoy good hair days – especially when there are so many new styles to experiment with as we all slowly start to return to the office, to signal a new you, find your inner diva with one of these trendy dos.

If you want to keep up, get onboard with the hottest hairstyles set to rock this fall. Check our guide to the trending hair styles of Autumn.

1. The Wet Look

spring 2020 trendsThe ‘fish out of water’ look is no longer something to avoid, because designers are currently falling over themselves to send their models out on the runway, sporting beautiful ‘wet look’ hairstyles, and we know this style will be carried on into winter this year. The degree of moisture has varied – from doused styles to barely there gelled looks – so you can commit to the look in whatever way you like best. Our favourite of course, is the sleek pony, it combines the elegance and neatness of a ponytail, with that slicked back look.


2. The Ponytail

spring 2020 hair trends

Now, the ponytail is a look that never goes out of style – it is a true classic – but there are a hundred and one different ways in which you can wear one. It looks like the tight, slicked back pony, and the low ponytails are reigning supreme. It also looks like super long ponytails are going to be hot. This is a style that often leaves short haired girls feeling a little left out, but you can rock it, if you invest in a whole clip in ponytail extension piece.


3. The Accessorised Barnet

spring 2020 hair accesoriesThis is bound to excite style conscious gals everywhere – hair accessories have been making their come back since 2019. At recent runway shows, designers like Dolce & Gabbana showcased models with bold, colourful and flowery hair pieces complementing their tresses. This is a really great look, because it is, first and foremost, a lot of fun. It is easy to get a little fixated on whether you are rocking the perfect pony, or whether your fishtail braid is looking flawless, but it is the case that a multitude of sins can be covered up with a pretty hairband or accessory.


4. The Curtain Fringe

spring 2020 hair colours

Curtain fringes can dramatically change your hairstyle, and this style is quite bold and quite feminine and it’s perfect for girls with textured hair as textured hair makes blending your fringe extension easy. To get this look, grow out your fringe or measure your hair to a length just below your eyebrows where you can ask a hair professional to vertically cut a point at the bridge of your nose as this allows a flattering curtain shape. If you are using a clip in fringe and if you have textured hair, then following these easy steps. Textured hair has a lot of volume, so we don’t want a weird poof under your fringe. Clip on your fringe and don’t be afraid to add a little body to your fringe so it matches your hair. Scrunch in mouse all over and you are done.


5. Bright Shades and Pastel Hues

spring 2020 hair trends

One of the big trends which won’t be going anywhere fast is bright coloured hair as well as pastel shades. You can make this style work for you, and avoid dodgy dye jobs, by using coloured clip in hair extensions. That way, you can experiment with bold looks and bright colours, without having to commit to a permanent change. 


6. Twilighting

spring 2020 hair trends twilighting

A hot new trend for 2021, “Twilighting “is a form of balayage where brown hair is complemented with with warm, golden undertones, with a mix of babylights.


7. The Beach Wave

spring 2020 hair trends

If you look to recent hair trends over the last couple years, you will see that the beach wave has been big for a while now. This look is very simple to achieve and has a touch of glam – it isn’t about stepping out in the wildest curls that you can create. To steal this style, pick up one of our longer (18 or 20 inch) clip in extension pieces, and just very gently use a curling iron to add a delicate curve to your tresses. Or, you could leave a few large rollers in overnight, to achieve the same look, and then fix the style in place with a generous salt spray in the morning.


8. Brown Hair

spring 2020 hair trends

Glossy brunette hair is the recipe that helps accentuate all facial features, especially brown eyes. The dark contrast really enhances the cheek bones and brings out the eye colour helping to create a mysterious glare. So what can you do to keep the fierce feline look but also lighten the mood for summer? The mixture of dark brown, ash blond and auburn lowlights offers a glowing radiance – the blonde encourages a lightness in the sunshine, while the red hair strands bring a bit of sass and sophistication to the equation.


9. The Bronde

spring 2020 hair trends

Bronde is the combination of brown and blonde and the trick to this look is achieving a deeper brown at the roots then going into a golden combination of brown and blonde throughout the rest of the hair. If you have naturally brunette hair or deep coloured eyes this colour will be your best friend.


10. Return of the Alice Band

spring 2020 hair accesories

The vast majority of us spent our teenage years clad in boob tubes, glitter eyeliner, and super feminine Alice bands. Well, one of the things on that list is making a comeback and thankfully, it isn’t the boob tube. There have been an awful lot of Alice bands and other delicate hair accessories on the catwalk for this season. If you haven’t still got one or two hidden away at the back of the wardrobe, head out to the high street and pick up something pretty.

Remember One Piece Hair Extensions or top ups/volumisers are a great short cut to creating new trending hair styles! 

Which of these fall hair trends will you be trying? Let us know, and don’t forget to #wearcliphair to show off your trendy styles on #WearCliphair on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


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