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Hair colours you have to try this October

October is a massive month of change all over the world. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are definitely starting to feel the chill and the fog is pretty in London first thing in the morning. For all of you lucky ladies in the Southern Hemisphere, it will be getting warmer (hopefully) and the spring holidays will be starting to get booked. Wherever you are in the world it is pretty difficult to ignore the seasonal change, so instead of ignoring it, embrace it. I have seen so many hair changes this month and I don’t think that is a coincidence. I am going to share with you some of the most popular colour trends appearing this month. If you fancy a change and want some inspiration, this blog is for you. #wearcliphair.




I see pics from friends all over the world and I have to say this is pretty big in Canada and the UK. Auburn hair is beautiful and if you are as in love with the leaves turning red as I am, you can see where the inspiration comes from. The brilliant thing about auburn hair is that it isn’t as bright as vivid red hair so it both looks more natural and doesn’t contain as much bleach, so it much better for your hair. This colour looks sensational with long locks and it means that because the colour is a statement on its own all you have to do is pop in your Cliphair extensions and allow your healthy auburn locks to do all the talking without the fuss.




I have naturally chestnut brunette hair and I am super grateful. This shade of brunette is one of a kind because of its ability to change. Its primary colour is brown but it contains flecks of red and blonde that change seasonally. If you went chestnut at the beginning of the summer you will have noticed that the golden tones were coming out, particularly at the front if you tie your hair up a lot like I do. As it gets cooler some of the red will start to become evident in the sunlight, it is so rich a colour and with these undertones is a total October winner.



If you have been enjoying your light blonde locks and are not ready to 100% commit to dark locks, you don’t have to. Bronde was made very popular in the early nineties by people like J.Lo but it has made a come back the last few years and it suits literally everyone. If you are wanting to gradually go darker this is a perfect way to start and it easy to colour match with Cliphair extensions so you don’t have to give up your lovely thick locks either.


Charcoal grey

Silver grey is great but it super hard to achieve without ending up with wiry locks if you have naturally dark hair. This charcoal grey is the perfect solution. It looks edgy and is great with an ombre style too.


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