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Hair colours that will rock 2018

Authored By Aida Huget

2017 we were in love with Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj’s Barbie doll blonde extra long locks but it is mid-February so there is no excuse for being stuck in the past. The new year is here and we are about to start a new season so it is time to shake things up. Let’s check out this year’s revived and new hair colour must-haves. What a great way to get dying inspiration for you and your hair extensions.


clip in hair extensions-hair-colour-2018-charcol-oyster


Charcoal and oyster locks

Light silver was so hot in 2017 and now we are putting a spin on it with adding different shades and undertones. Deepen your grey hue to so it looks much more sultry, versatile and glossy. This is so much less harsh on your hair as many of you with naturally lighter hair and hair extensions won’t need to bleach your hair first. If this is not multi-tonal enough for you why not try oyster locks. No this doesn’t mean you have to rub a shellfish on your hair (because that is gross) this is brilliant if you already have silver or platinum blonde hair extensions. It is the addition of opal/pearl white, mineral and agate tones to your hair just under the first layer or as a balayage. The difference with a mermaid look is this is extremely subtle and people will take a second to look to make sure they saw what they think they did. It looks incredible, particularly if you have light colour eyes.


clip in hair extensions-hair-colour-2018-golden-brown



Golden crown

Last year went away from the sandy golden shades in favour of white blonde shades with a silver undertone (cue massive amounts of toner and hair that needed so much TLC). This year we are stripping all of that back and going for a more natural golden shade. Don’t throw out your purple shampoos and hair masks just yet though, ombred light blonde tips are still on trend so you can dye your roots golden blonde and let the platinum grow out and look fabulous.


clip in hair extensions-hair-colour-2018-copper



Rose gold and a copper pop

For those of you that fell in love with all things rose gold last year, you are in luck. This style is still in a big way so whether you want to ombre, balayage or have a full head of rose gold it will look amazing and be on trend. It isn’t just rose gold that is going to be a popular warm colour this year, copper locks are going to start popping up everywhere too. Some of the world’s top hair experts are predicting that we will be adding fiery and subtle red tones to our hair. For those of you with darker hair try getting some hair extensions with a subtly red ombre, it is a great way to try it for a night. If you have lighter hair, you are super lucky you have more of an option, you can either go for a copper top or a more laid back strawberry blonde, either way, it will look fab.


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