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Goth victory roll Halloween look

Goth victory roll Halloween look

Why do so many of us love Halloween? It isn’t because we are all superstitious. It is because we have an evening to escape, to live like a fairy or vampire for a night. Whether it is Shrek’s Fiona your thing or a Disney character that rocks your boat, we have you covered. Ditch your ugly wig that comes from the costume bag. They always look a little ratty. If you really want to elevate your Halloween look, opt for extensions instead. You want the best quality because a hairstyle can make or break your Halloween look. Today I want to show you a killer vampire or ‘vamp’ look. This is a gothic style is most edgy and sexy this duality will make the Halloween impact you want. Keep reading this step by step hair tutorial and #wearcliphair.

Step number 1: Prepare your hair

Usually ere us not much you have to do to prepare your hair for styling, this look is a little different. It is inspired by a 1940s half-up look. This is given an unholy edge with different colours. This will be different depending on what your natural hair colour is. The biggest contrast you have, the better. If you have naturally dark hair try adding some light hair extensions. If in doubt go for more outstanding colour. Don’t worry if this doesn’t blend 100%, that is not as important for a Halloween look. The next step is to add some heat protecting serum to your locks them grab your curling wand. You want some beautiful big curls.

Step number 2: Create your style

Divide your hair above your ears. Keep your bottom section out of the way for now and create a side part with the top half. Place a hairpin 1 inch away from the part, on your deep side. To create a more voluminous style, backcomb the ends that will form the roll then smooth it over. Use your fingers as a guide and wrap your hair around your fingers rolling it inward. Put pins inside your rolls so they are held in place. Repeat on the other side for another roll.


Step number 3: Finish the look

Add your hairspray to hold your rolls. Run your fingers gently through the lower half of your hair, to break up the curls. This is totally optional but waves tend to look good all night. Add hairspray to these then you are done!


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