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GOT Themed Romantic Hairstyles

Game of Thrones may have been incredibly violent but the outfits and hairstyles were largely romantic and stunning. The hairstyles have a very historic feel and I love it. These hairstyles are perfect to match floaty dresses and bridal events. I have found a few amazing GOT inspired looks that I think you will love as much as me. Since they have such a romantic vibe you might even want to try them out for upcoming birthdays or summer wedding events. Keep reading these tutorials and put your pictures on Instagram when you have created them.



The Tyrell look

This is an amazing style I saw replicated on youtube that looks incredible. Margery Tyrell is all about the eyes and how she uses them to seduce and befriend people in GOT. So it makes sense that the front of her hair is swept away from her face and draws attention to her eyes. You can put your hair extensions in from the start of this look and put some heat protecting spray on them. Curl your hair and create a centre parting. Take a small section either side of your parting and create a twist. Push the twist upwards towards your roots to create extra body. Pin the twists at the back of your crown before repeating with a twist directly below the first. Leave a few strands framing your face then pull the hair in front of your ears away from your face, pinning it under your twists.



The Lannister look

She may be wicked but Cersei is always wickedly fashionable as well. Start with curled hair and a centre parting. Take a small section next to your parting but leave some strands to frame your face. Split your section in half and create a twist braid. Repeat on the other side of your parting and bring the braids around the back of your head and twist them around each other and secure with a hair tie. Take the hair above your ears and twist them away from your face. Use these sections and the end of the rope braids to form a three strand braid to finish.




The Stark look

Sansa is a survivor that is for sure. It seems no matter how much trouble she is in her hair always looks incredible. Brush your hair back into a half up high ponytail. It is important that your hair is long and thick for this look as you are going to roll your hair towards your head and pin it to your crown. Take two sections, one either side of your hair roll, and create tight twist braids with them. You are going to use these are a border to conceal the joins of your hair roll. Hair grips should not be obvious to make sure you place them discretely. Make sure that your hairspray your looks to finish and if you are going out for long, extra hair grips for the hair roll.





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