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Gorgeous ponytail for a fancy night out

Gorgeous ponytail for a fancy night out
Authored By Cliphair Extensions

Ok, dinner and a night at the theatre may sound super old fashioned but there are so many incredible plays on right now we seriously have to see from ‘All about Eve’ to ‘Top Girls’ you will not be disappointed and is perfect for a date or family evening out (especially if they are paying). When I go to the theatre I like to dress the part. I have seen my fair share of celebs there including, Judi Dench, Natalie Dormer and Kitty Spencer. Today I want to show you my go-to hairstyle for feeling and looking great for this fancy night out. To try it out keep reading this step-by-step guide and don’t forget to #wearcliphair.

Step number 1: preparation

There is not much preparation you need for this hairstyle, which is great as most of us will be creating it after work. It looks amazing with second-day hair because you will have slightly more fluffy hair. Pop in your Cliphair extensions after you add your dry shampoo. Blend your extensions by brushing your hair.

Step number 2: form your twists

This style has a few large twists in it to create interest. Start by creating a central part. Then separate a triangle either side of your part until your temples and clip them out of the way for now. These will be used for your finishing touches. Take the top section of hair from the back of your crown and divide it in half. Twist the top third of this inwards and pin it in place so it looks like a big thick curl and repeats with the other half. Make sure you pinch at the top of your crown so it looks full. This will also help you conceal seems fro your extensions if you are using clip in extensions.

Step number 3: bring your look together

Now that your twists are done, create a low ponytail just beneath where you pinned your twists in place. take 1 in sections from your ponytail and create large curls, don’t forget to add your heat protecting spray first. vigorously tease the top section just under your hair tie and add some hairspray to hold. You won’t see this as it will be covered up but it will really add extra volume and texture to this whole area. Next, unclip your left side triangle, gently twist it and wrap it around your hair tie. Leave some strands of hair to frame your face. Let the other triangle down, spread it out and pin it just above the ponytail section. Wrap the ens around the hair tie section, add some hair spray and you are done.

You can add hair accessories to this if you want but it looks amazing just as it is.


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