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Get your hair ready for spring

It is finally getting warmer, wooo! If you are like me you are done with layers and layers of coats, scarves and beanies it is so exciting to think that we can think about going out in warmer weather again. As the weather gets warmer there are certain things you need to be more aware of with your hair. It can mean trying new hairstyles for different hair types and different products for different situations. Check out what to do as the weather warms up.

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During the winter it felt like there was no other option but to blow dry your hair (nobody wants to get cold). As the weather gets warmer it is easier to wash your hair in the morning and head right out. Air drying is so much friendlier on your hair and causes less damage and frizz to your locks. Got to love spring.

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A Haircut

there are so many reasons to get a haircut this February. As the weather is getting warmer you don’t need as much hair to keep your neck and shoulders warm. If you think your hair is a little on the thin side cutting or at least trimming your hair will give your roots more bounce and make your hair voluminous. There is no downside to this, you can put in some clip in hair extensions for the occasions when you want long hair and bobs are so hot

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This is going back to the idea of natural drying but the heatless styling is key to healthy, stunning looks this spring. Here are some ideas for heatless styles

 Heatless curls

Heatless waves/ loose curls are so easy to achieve. Wash or wet you air the evening before and before it is dry braid your hair into two dutch braids. Spritz your hair with hairspray and put some serum on the ends of your hair. In the morning your hair will be dry and once you take out your braids you can run your fingers through your hair and you have stunning heatless curls.


A Pull-through braid

This is a great faux fishtail, super quick and stunning. Sweep all your hair to one side and add a clear hair tie. Place another hair tie an inch below the first one. Split the section in between the two and loop the end of your ponytail up and through the gap. Continue this to the end of your hair and you have a great heatless look.

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Getting the right products when the weather gets warmer is key to brilliant hair. Beachy waves are going to be in again so salt texture spray is great for getting that perfect look. Heat protecting serum is also key when you are styling your hair. The heat in the atmosphere will leech your hair of moisture even more than normal so if you want to avoid frizz make sure you have your serum.

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Glitter was huge last summer but jewels and scrunchies are going to be hot this year. To go with the season flowers are always on trend and look beautiful. Whether you get oversized flowers on a headband or a little flower on a pin, it is a great way to add colour to your hair.

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