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Get that look: the Milkmaid look

When it is hot outside the last think you want is hair making your neck hot and sticking to your back. In fact, any style that involves heat will just make you feel like you are in a sauna so easy to do heat free hairstyles are your new best friend. This is way better for the health of your hair especially if you are like Selma and trying out a new pastel colour. Limp and over heated hair is not what we want. An amazing hairstyle that both looks good and allows your neck to breathe is the milkmaid do. Let’s check it out and show this hot weather who is boss.





If you have long hair this style is a go to! It may take a while the first time but once you get use to it will only take a couple of minutes to do. We are going to need to create some awesome rope braids so let’s get your hair prepared. The beauty of this style is that your can do it on clean, second day hair or wet hair. The only thing you have to do to prep is to thoroughly brush your hair.




Let’s get started

We need to start our style by dividing your hair how you normally would (if you prefer a side or centre part it is totally up to you). The only trick with the parting is to make sure that it is exact. So grab yourself a fishtail comb and divide away. Secure on of your pigtails how you normally would so you can create you rope braid without it getting in the way. This looks best if your braids are thick and dramatic as they are suppose to make a statement. Judge now if you think that your hair is thick and long enough to do this. If not pop in your hair extensions before you go any further.





Time to braid

Rope braids are made simply by twisting two sections of hair that’s it, this is why they are so popular. So if you are not the best at braids or are new to hair styling then these babies are for you. They look amazing and take hardly any effort. Take the side that isn’t tied up and split it in half. Twist both halves in the same direction, it doesn’t matter if it is towards it away from your face but it has to be tight to hold. Once you have completed your twist braid secure it with a clear hair tie and repeat on the other side.





Time to become a milkmaid

Now we have done the prep work it is time to bring your work together, literally, Take both rope braid and secure them on top of your head with hair pins. Don’t be afraid to use a few pins but try to pin on the bottom part of your twist braids as we don’t want them to come out flat. Spritz with some alcohol free hair spray and you are ready to go!

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