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Get that look the French hawk cross bun

Whether you want to have a casual feminine style or like to mix things up a bit you are going to love this look. The holiday season may come with changeable weather but it is definitely in full swing. This style will help you kick off the season with a bang. I have chosen a look that I love and I know you will to. My top tips to rock this look is to plan ahead and make sure your extensions look stunning, you are going to need them.


Create your hawk

Before we start braiding out gorgeous style we need to divide our hair in the right places. So, grab your fishtail comb and completely section off the top of your head. The best way to measure is to draw a line from the middle of your eyebrows backwards on both sides. Tie your top section into a small ponytail for the moment so that it is out of the way. It will be easy to see now where to place your extensions around the sides and the back.


Doing your top bits

Now tie the lower part of your hair and undo your upper part. Divide the very front of your hair into three small sections. Start to create your french braid by folding your outside strands into the middle one part over the other. As your continue backwards add more strands to either of your braid. Once your reach the end of your hair length secure with a clear elastic hair tie.



Wrapping it around

You should have some nice smooth sections on your sides now. We need to gather them up, so lets start with your left side. Gather it into a small bunch ad smooth it backwards. Lie it flatly over your braid at the nape of your neck and pin it in place, using hair pins that match your natural hair colour, so it won’t move. Continue on the other side so you have created a criss-cross look.



Time to bun it

You could leave the style as it is and it would look stunning but if you want to make this awesome look into an up-do we need to create our bun. You should have a lovely long mane, depending how long the extensions were that you added. Brush your locks into a low ponytail and secure with your clear elastic.  If your hair isn’t too long or you want a more casual simply twist your hair and wind it around itself to create a casual bun. If, however, your hair is longer or you are looking for something with a more formal appearance you will need to grab your donut. Place it at the end if your hair and role it inwards. Pin your bun in place so it won’t budge whilst you go about your day. Remember to smooth down any fly away and spray yourself with some alcohol free hairspray before you leave the house.

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