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Get that look the DIY hair bow accessory

Have looked at some edgier styles so now we are going straight cute. If you have been spreading more glue on your fingers than on hair pins (it is what all of us have done it at some point) then you will be happy to know that there is no gluing involved. Material bows can be worn at any occasion whether you want to make it a centre piece of a casual outfit or something to help add to a classy outfit. Whatever your style let’s grab some material and get our bow on.


Get your stock in order

The most important part of your bow is this, your material you choose. You don’t need very much material but the style and colour you choose will make a huge difference to what outfit your can wear it with and if it appears edgy or cute. This doesn’t take very long to make so grab a couple of different types of material, your scissors, a needle and thread. Let’s get this party started.


Fold away

Once you have your material laid it out on the table fold two outer edges of your fabric inwards. Repeat this by folding in what is now the out edges and hold it in place with one finger. Make sure you have folded it in enough so they don’t poke out at the end.


Get your bowl into shape

Know we have the basic thickness of your bow it is time to create the shape. We start by pinching or scrunching the centre to create a bow shape. If you are picky about how your pleating, make sure that it is centred and symetrical now. Grab your needle and thread and stitched the pinched centre section together. Don’t be cheap with your thread you will need to stitch a couple of times through all the layers of material.


The second strip

Outer structure designed, check. Pleats sews in place, check. Now it is time create the second part. Get a thin piece of material and fold the outer edges of the long sides. Now create a loop and stitch the ends together. It should be big enough to be able to squeeze the bow through the loop without leaving excess room. I really, really think pre measuring is advisable and trimming the excess. Remember it is meant for the centre of the bow.


Finishing touches

Now that you have you created your adorable bow it is time to make it usable. There is several ways to finish this off both for your hair and for your clothes. The best thing about the loop you created for the middle of the bow is that it can be attached to almost anything. To make it a broach, for instance, you can attach a pin. Hair accessories are far more interesting. If you love your hair extensions then why don’t you attach it to a medium sized hair pin or if you want to make it more permanent, sew it in.


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