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Get that look The Burleque hairstyles

If you have never been to a burlesque show you are missing out. Burlesque is funny, amazingly stylish and you walk out in awe of the artists talents. Why am I mentioning it the crazy and amazing world of burlesque? Because the London Burlesque festival 2017 has just started! If you are up for trying something new and having a bit of fun go and see it! We are going to look at one of the world’d leading burlesque stars Dita Von Teese for some hair inspiration. Let’s get glamorous and become our own burlesque queen.


Eat like a queen

Dita is very particular about what she eats. Not only because she wants to keep an amazing figure but she also knows how important it is for her hair. High protein and delicious bowl of porridge and lovely greens. If your still slowly getting healthy then you might need some extra TLC from your regime so use a good hair mask once or twice a week.



Creating the wave

Dita Von Tease wears an amazing s wave. She did not create it but she definitely brought it back into fashion. Unfortunately these waves are not able to be created without heat. We are going to have to grab our trusty rollers for this one. If you have short or thinner hair pop in your extensions now for a more full bodied style.


Break it up to make it up

To achieve the best curl with your rollers it is best to break your hair into two to three inch sections and pin the rest out of the way. Before your curl create a deep side part and spray each section with light-hold alcohol free hairspray. This ensures that your your curls will not drop throughout the evening and that they will set just the way you want them to.


Roll away

When creating your curls he best technique is to roll from underneath in a horizontal direction. If you have small and medium rollers brilliant, if not then you will have to adjust where on the barrell you curl different areas of hair. Don’t use large curlers for this style as you just wont be able to get the curls small enough. The curls around your curl and the back of your head need to be fuller (giving the illusion of thickness) and the curls around your face will be smaller and tighter. By having the tighter curls framing your face it creates a much more dramatic look and draws people to look at your face, perfect for amazing makeup to be showed off.


Setting things not so straight

To get the best curls don’t remove your rollers until your hair has completely cooled, this gives them a much better chance of setting properly. You are now going to lightly brush your curls. We want this to be gentle so choose a wide toothed brush or a natural bristle brush. To ensure your do is moulding the way you want it to, place your hair underneath your hair whistle you are moulding it so you get a smooth turn underneath. Now your style is complete all you need to finish is a strong-hold alcohol free hairspray and a winning Von Tease smile.

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